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Thick Puni Ana Juice

by EXE
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Brand: EXEVolume: 360ml (12.17oz)
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User Reviews

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  • | 1/16/2024

    Best thick lube I've ever had

    The bottle is quite large for the price, almost as big as an onahole. The liquid is quite thick so it doesn't just drip out. Feels great and gives good protection both for the member and for the toy itself. Also it doesn't just dry up in minutes, lasts the whole session. Needs quite a bit of soap to get rid of due to the consistency. Because of this, I would recommend this ONLY for male toy use. Do not use this on a human's hole ever.

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  • | 2/17/2023

    Pretty nice

    First time buying lube and was not disappointed it doesn't dry out fast and its easy to clean. Its THICC so you only have to put like a fingernail size (maybe less) dollop and your good. For how effective this is and the amount needed for each use this bottle should definitely last you a while.

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  • | 2/3/2022

    Lasts for a long time

    Very thick, you (or at least I) only need a Fingertip of it and so it will last for a quite long time! c:

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  • | 11/9/2021

    I fell in love

    One of my favorites, I don't know if I can say that is my 1st favourite or my 2nd but absolutly amazing. Yes, as the name says It's so thick and smooth. And what about the amazing illustration? The sticker on the bottle is very well made, looks like they wanted to create something special for this item. And it is, Maruku (The illustrator) always fantastic, gives us a very sexy girl with GOLDEN details, literally. I'm sure that I'll repeat with this one or another one from the same company!

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  • | 7/20/2021

    extra thicc

    This lube is simply amazing. Thanks to it's thiccness it feels really good and it lasts pretty long before drying out. To sum it up if you like thick lubes, for this price it is a great deal.

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  • | 8/23/2020

    Very thick which lasts for a while

    This is a really good lube for a really cheap price, only a little is needed for each session since it lasts for a while. Is also super easy too clean off and doesn't leave any smell. Overall, really satisfied with it.

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  • | 4/28/2020

    Uma loção padrão de alta qualidade

    A loção é muito boa e viscosa por ser padrão é muito boa mesmo assim

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  • | 1/6/2020

    Very nice value thick lube

    This lube is a little bit less sticky/thick than PEEPEE with orange lid yet still lasts for a long time. It also has no smell and comes in a large bottle with nice artwork. Definitely a must buy with a tight onahole.

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  • | 12/24/2019

    Not a big different but is totally worth it

    Its still some of the best lube you can get for the price and the amount is quite generous. It last for quite a while and is pretty sticky which feels nice. It is unscented which is a huge plus and it is easy to use. I recommend picking up all three versions and trying them out since they are all fantastic.

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  • | 10/18/2018

    Currupter- This is thick and lasting

    Let’s list. -No Scent -No Taste -Incredibly Thick (I use it as anal lube) -Incredibly long lasting -Cheap for a generous amount. This lube comes in a massive quantity. It’s the perfect cheap alternative if not primary purchase if you don’t have a scent fetish.

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  • | 9/10/2018

    better than onatsuyu

    This lube is nice and thick and doesn't dry out as fast as onatsuyu, plus it's pretty big. I recommend switching to this lube if you're been using onatsuyu for a long time to spice things up.

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  • | 8/29/2018

    Totally worth it

    It is thick enough to be considered a thicker lotion, yet it never gets sticky, it also lasts a very long time. The value on it is also great as you get about 12ish ozs

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  • | 7/14/2018

    Very good addition as thick lube

    I bought this as a thicker alternative to onatsuyu, and it is an excellent unscented lube with a very good price/volume ratio.

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  • | 7/14/2018

    Thick Lubricant heaven!!!!

    The art work is amazing!!!!! The lubricant is really thick and it feels more silky than the PEE PEE lubricant, plus the price is seriously awesome. Its a must, and plus you can also use it to jerk off. Its kickass!!!!

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  • | 2/14/2018

    Nice and thick

    This lubricant is extremely nice to use and thick. The artwork on the bottle is also a nice touch too. The amount you get for this price is amazing.

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  • | 9/28/2017

    Nice gimmick, but sacrifices some of the onahole feel.

    The big sell point of this lube is how sticky it is, resembling fluids usually drawn in anime-style material, and in any kind of porn material really (drawn). But it comes at an expense, it make it harder to feel your onahole. It's not a huge difference and you get used to it rather soon, but it's there. Also it lasts for a good while if I had to compare it to it's counterpart. You also usally end up needing less lube compared to the usual. Also shared quality to it's counterpart, the bottle is nice, has 360ml worth of lube in it, and it has a nice nozzle that makes it easy to apply lube. There's not special scent to it.

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  • | 1/15/2017

    T H I C C

    I really love this lotion, the feel it has its amazing, it really makes using your onahole even better, at first it was kinda weird, but when you use it another 2 times it really makes a big difference in your private times, plus the price is even cheaper now!

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  • | 11/21/2016

    Amazing lotion for an amazing price!

    This lotion is really thick which will provide you better feelings, I do not really like the smell (it's kinda weird) but I do not bother, Also do not try to taste it a lot, you will feel something really oily in your mouth :) The price is amazing for such a big bottle, The only thing I do not like just a little is the sticker which is made from paper and can be taken off and move a little and the cork which can be annoying to close, But it is nothing, I highly recommend it!!!

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  • | 6/16/2016

    Unscented, really thick and sticky clear goo on a large dick shaped bottle.

    As advertised, this product is super thick and gooey. It almost feels like you're fucking tub of glue/paste or a silly putty due to its consistency. This juice has that very lewd stringy wet gooeyness to it once you pull your member out of the onahole/pussy cave entrance, the kind that follows or still connect the wetness/juices from her pussy to your dick like a bridge. It adds tightness due to its thick consistency, perfect for loose fit onaholes/hips. This one is unscented which is a bummer as I was expecting the smell of a tanned little gals pussy. Problems are some minor reapplication depending on how much you use and it is hard to wash off or wipe because of the stickyness. 360ml BTW, very large bottle for a good price. Pros: Looks very lewd thick, sticky and gooey. Feels very lewd thick, sticky and gooey. Feels like a lewd gooey Japanese spa massage heaven when paired with a loose to medium-tight fitting onahole. 360ml Large Bottle. PRICE. Unscented. Cons: Leaves sticky residue reminiscent of dry paste/glue, A lil bit hard to wash, Very thick and suffocating feeling when paired with a very tight onahole. Unscented.

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