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Quattro Natural Girl Onahole

Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Magic Eyes have yet again bought us an epic male masturbator that will provide hours of fun with the Quattro Natural Girl Onahole. This schoolgirl themed onahole is made up of four different types of materials that are specially made by Magic Eyes. Two of them are used to create this sex toy's vaginal and anal passages so that you can experience two different sensations as you please - or two at the same time with some finger play! Quattro Natural Girl Onahole features a winding and spiralling inner vaginal tunnel with soft and fleshy walls that provide a strong stimulation. Her anal passage is made of tighter material that provides more of a squeeze and a sensual massage along with its ribbed outer walls. This naughty schoolgirl is ready to have both of her holes repeatedly used at your pleasure.

Maker: Magic EyesSimulation: VaginalFantasy: StudentHole Design: Open Hole TypeMaterial Construction: Triple LayerUsability: ReusableMaterial Firmness: RegularNumber of Holes: 2Product Weight: 500g (1.1lbs)Length/Height: 160mm (6.3in)Width: 85mm (3.35in)Lotion included: Yes Release: 2016Product Type: Onahole
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User Reviews

3 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 2/2/2018

    A disappointment

    There really isn't much to say for this product- I really wanted to like it and I did enjoy my time with it, but because of the infamous Magic Eyes QC it was drastically cut short. For starters, the material and size are decent- the inclusion of an anus was interesting but felt more tacked on than anything. The vagina is SOFT, enjoyably soft and great for slow days but this is where it all goes downhill: The engineering of this hole is flawed and the top WILL either split or come apart. I bought this hole twice in the past as my first one came apart after a mere week (which I chalked up to bad luck), but when the second one went the same way within the same time span.... I wouldn't recommend this for the price. It felt good, but the dismay and sadness that followed was worse than a kabuki-cho romance.

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  • | 7/13/2016

    Super Disappointing

    Both holes are disappointing and the seal around the top on mine is already loose.

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  • | 7/9/2016

    Not what I would expect from Magic Eyes

    This onahole is a pretty something disappointment. Now don't stop right there. It is at a decent price for a hole with 2 entrances. Now when sliding my cawk in the anus it makes this sound that is really hilarious that my cawk goes limp so quick. Now if you like a loose vagina well I will tell you these is probably one of the most loose ginas you'll every get. HELL you probably don't even need lube, so you save yourself some cash there. If you want a good comedic hole to make you go limp in a split second before that person opens the door that you forgot to lock, well this would do it in the flash as long as you do it up the butt. Overall quality 2 because I expect better from Magic eyes and I have 9 of their holes so I am saying with experience with their products that this one was meh. Value 4 Pretty high on value. 2 holes for decent price Price 2 It is at your good average standard hole price range that doesn't cost 60-150 dollar range plus 2 holes 1 price compared to most holes at 25 dollars with 1?! (What the f%$k am I even saying its always the quality. Price&Value means nothing really because quality is everything in 99% of the time.)

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