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Real Mothers Milk Lotion

Lotion by Tama Toys
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Product Type: Lotion

Mothers Milk Fetish Lotion

The Real Mothers Milk Lotion from Tama Toys is the perfect lube for you if you have a mothers milk fetish. It adds such much realism and fun, specially when you play with some great pair of Titties. It has the consistency and smell of real mothers milk and has been made only of natural ingredients in Japan. Surely the Real Mothers Milk Lotion is a lot of fun to use with any onahole or other male masturbator as well. If you love Breast Milk than you simply can not miss this. A big bottle with 600ml of Volume.

The Real Mothers Milk Lotion by Tama Toys features
  • real Mothers Milk Lotion
  • made by Tama Toys
  • made by natural ingredients in Japan
  • Volume 600ml
  • sexy artwork on the bottle


11 Customer Reviews for Real Mothers Milk Lotion

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by Raikou April 20, 2020

If you've never smelled breast milk before, this isn't it BUT it still smells great with it's milky scent and it will certainly last you for a long time. It took me a year to use up the entire bottle.

by MJ March 5, 2020
Mamako is here! ????????????

I got this with mamako special tube and I needed something for it and I thought this was it plus it had to be something sweet smelling and oh yes this was it it’s creamy really does smell lik condensed milk if only the bottle was more like a baby bottle cause ya know how anime moms are *wink If this really is lotion then I need my gf to put some of this on places. *Note the smell lingers if on body so wash it out if you don’t wanna get noticed

by JoeLikesJapan February 17, 2020
If it isn't your fetish then don't try it.

For what it is, it's excellent lube. It's great at imitating the real thing. It has a strong formula milk smell too.

by Jelloman December 29, 2019
Smells like Condensed Milk

Ok, yeah, they aren't going to make it smell like mother's milk. I mean have you smelled regular milk? But while I like milk, this does not smell like milk, it smells like condensed milk, which smells a lot better than milk.

+ Condensed milk smells good
+ 600 mL is a lot at this price point compared to a standard such as Onatsuyu
+ Nice and thick (like condensed milk)

- May trick one into using it for cooking hahaha

by Brunoguy August 14, 2019
Very good

Very good lotion again last long, stay on you get the job done but if you are picky whit the smell or the color this one us not for you

by Darrell April 19, 2019
Great lotion

The smell is great and it comes in a huge bottle with an easy to dispense top. Great quality for such a low price.

by Machi Shibe March 18, 2019
Incredible Value

This is a massive bottle of lotion, so for the price you might expect a so-so quality from it, but this is easily one of the best lotions I've ever used. The scent is excellent as well, where some lotions get a slight chemical smell, this lotion does an exceedingly good job of making it smell top notch.

by Luke February 2, 2019
there's a lot...

This lube is pretty great. It comes with enough to last a lifetime, has nice, lewd art on it, has an easy to dispense bottle, feels great, looks great, but the smell is a bit strong and can get headache-inducing after a while. All in all, a great lube, especially for those with breat milk fetishes.

by Hops December 2, 2018
One of the best lotions

Seriously, I love this lotion. The smell is that of formula, so props to them for trying to get close to some form of milk. It has a HUGE bottle. The color is almost close. It feels really damn good. Finally, the price is LOOOOW for what you get.

It's good as a normal lotion, as a scented lotion, and even as a fetish lotion.

by Leo October 1, 2018

Ive never seen real breastmilk before but i believe it replicates it to a certain extent. The consistency is a bit thick but it is a lotion after all. The smell is exactly the same as vanilla ice cream/ milk formula. Oh and I forgot to mention. IT IS HUGE. Its as big as a water bottle.

by Dániel November 7, 2017
top 3 lotion....

look great are good(really gives a real feeling)
it will last for a long time and 600ml !!! : D
(you do not need to use much quantitatively)

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