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Room Fragrance - The smell of the girls room

by Tama Toys
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Maker Tama Toys

This is a Room Fragrance which gives your room the wonderful smell of a young girl being in it. This smell if full of dreams and fantasies. Don't miss it.

Available on otonaJP since: 2017 June 25
Volume: 200ml

User Reviews

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  • | 8/7/2018

    potentially useful for beekeepers

    Many beekeepers and bee removal companies prefer using soapy water to kill bees rather than poison. It's non toxic and kills the bees just about instantly, and so it may even be more ethical. If you deal with bees this spray may be useful for you since it seems to be just that—soapy water. I've had this scent spray since around October. When I first got it I remember it smelling vaguely nice and like it's marketed to be, but not very. It didn't then really add anything to the experience of well, you know what it's for, so I haven't used it again until now. Now I'm no beekeeper and so I haven't been able to try this in the field. If I do come across a hive though, for the sake of anyone in the bee business that reads this, I'll see if I can try this out and report back if I haven't already thrown this junk out by then. I'd recommend instead that bee people just fill a spray bottle with their own insecticidal solution for minor hives and for removal of very large hives to use a pressure washer with a soap solution. The art is nice. I sprayed a bunch onto a towel just to be sure the above was all fair. The scent I got was vaguely like a Super 8. So it is sort of a pretty good deal, considering it costs about a 4th or 5th the cost of a stay at one of those hotels. I've you're feeling really nostalgic for past stays there, this one should take you back.

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  • | 5/3/2018


    It was my first "smell-type" product and I like it! Smells kinda like cosmetics mixed with sweets and baby powder (as some people mentioned below). If you spray it in the air - it's strong, but not that much, and you can easily get rid of it by simply open the window. Dunno about spraying it on some surfaces. The only thing that slightly disappointed me - after some short period of time the smell become kinda dull and you can barely notice it. Perhaps I was just using it a very too little. If you want to buy something from scent category, but not sure if you're ready to dive in some crazy things like smell of the panties - start with this one. You will not regret!

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  • | 3/31/2018

    The spray part was leaky, had to replace.

    The only complaint was that the sprayer was broken/leaky so I had to replace it with one that worked (from a febreeze room spray bottle, just had to trim the tube to fit it inside the bottle) The smell is really nice, a clean sightly fresh powder scent. There should be more in this size like the School girls uniform one. I might have to buy the school girl love lotion if its the same scent as this.

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  • | 10/17/2017

    Great smell.....

    Again, TamaToys surprises me with their cover art. And the smell of this fragrance. Does it actually smell like a girl's room? Probably. It kinda smells like the School Girl Love Lotion BIG. Almost as if the guys at TamaToys really liked the smell of the lotion and decided to water it down, so they could spray it around like some sort of air freshener. Genius. But also kinda messed up. Still, I like the smell and the art. And the fact that there's a lot in the bottle.

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  • | 10/6/2017

    It works!

    It's pretty simple but it gets the job done, smells mostly like baby powder i think but still very useful :)

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  • | 8/4/2017

    just got it today, wonderful scents, I love it very much!

    Please make more of this kind of product, loving it! :>

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