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Sarasara Puni Ana Juice

"Sarasara Puni Ana Juice" by EXE

  • Maker: EXE
  • Sku: さらさらぷにあな汁
  • Usually ships within 2-3 Business Days

Sarasara Puni Ana Juice

Usually ships within 2-3 Business Days



Available on otonaJP since: 2016 Dec 12
Volume: 360ml

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Easily my favorite lube out there
I dunno if I'm just bias, but i really like this lube. Bottle has plenty of lube in it, and it's also tall and thinner compared to other short and chubby bottles of 360ml lube, I personally prefer it this way. It has a nice nozzle that makes it easy to apply to the onahole. It's on the more watery side too, so be careful when applying. It's not gonna just SPILL out like crazy, but you might apply more than needed. Also because it's on the more watery side it lasts less than it's thick counterpart, but I never found this to be a problem. It has the default lube smell. Would recommend this as a starter's lube.
Review by Mugi / (Posted on 9/28/2017)

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