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Scent of Girls Panties

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Scent of the panties of a girl. The perfect addition to any masturbator or sex doll etc.

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2015 September 13
  • Volume: 10ml


3 Customer Reviews for Scent of Girls Panties

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by D July 14, 2018

The scent is nice. It smells like a combination of perfume and pee. You only need one spray for it to last for a one session.

by Pheromone Addict May 8, 2018
Not at all like the vagina I've smelled.

Smells exactly of burning rubber. Horrible smell and not in any way remotely close to the smell of a vagina, unless said vagina is an all-weather tire on your car, while doing donuts and peeling out in a parking lot full of anal plugs that were never washed.

by Teerakitnun November 17, 2016
very good

This stuff is very good,It's smell like my GF panties.

If you left it on panties about few minute, it's smell like used panties than usual.

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