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School Girl Love Lotion BIG

by Tama Toys
(appx. 20.37 )
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Made in Japan.

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 April 21
  • Volume: 500ml


11 Customer Reviews for School Girl Love Lotion BIG

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by Sean February 7, 2020
Nice smelling, great lotion.

Great lube, I use it a couple of times already and i must say i'm addicted to it. The smell is just beautiful and it also has the right viscosity.

Total summary is you get a lube that is worth it.

by A User July 19, 2019
Great lotion

Since this is my first lotion I don't really have anything to compare it to. I love the smell. It's not chemical or anything like that, it has very sweet smell that doesn't wear off after a while. Like literally - I used it, then bathed, washed my hands I could still smell it even after several hours of sleep when I went to the work. It wasn't unpleasant, because it smells nice and sweet and it was only my hand, so no big deal. You can certainly smell something "naughty" in it but it's not much and it won't ruin anything.

As for the taste (yes, I had to try it out) it is veeery sweet but because of that perfume it has bitter and lingering taste to it, so I wouldn't recommend eating it.

As for the viscosity, it's like a oil. It is very slippery and it doesn't lost its slipperiness even after several minutes. Be aware that things will get sticky after a while (syrupy consistency) and it's pleasant.

It's a very big bottle but with how good this is I don't think it wil last me more than 2 months :) For the price of $15 it's a great product if you want something scented that doesn't smell horribly. If you want even bigger bottle of lotion, I've seen here 1 litre bottle of it, it was unscented (for only $10, but the shipping is horrible).

My first experience with lotions from Tama Toys (and at all) is pretty good and I'll buy more when the time comes.

by Hops December 2, 2018
Awesome Bang For Buck With A Great Smell

If this were a normal, unscented lotion, I would still recommended it, on the sheer fact that it comes in a huge bottle, that the lotion feels great, and that I don't feel that it drys out that fast (some people seem to disagree with me on this ). However, the smell is one of my favorites for these scented lotions. Sure it still smells sweet, but it's an almost bitter sweet smell, that also has a warm feel to it. Weird to explain this one I'm afraid.

by Currupter October 20, 2018
Currupter- Massive

This thing is massive. It will last you a very long time. However, plenty say it smells good, but I reckon it smells like aloe vera strangely enough. Still a good smell but that’s that.

Let’s list:
1.) Thicker viscosity, between standard and anal.
2.) Stupidly large amount.
3.) Pump that goes inside your onahole for easier use.
4.) CON- You have to pump all the way down and spin at the same time to lock it back up.
5.) CON- It smells like aloe vera, but still pheromonal ^_-.

by Andrew April 17, 2018
Smells so good

The only negative aspect is that it leaves a bit of a sticky feel, but it's not worse than other lotions.

artwork is cute
the pump is a good touch, however you shouldn't pump too much as the "straw" (?) is very large so it pumps a lot at the time

by Just Another User April 3, 2018
Great Smell

This lube has a great smell. Doesn't just smell like soap or perfume, but doesn't just smell like BO either. It's quite thin, probably the thinnest I've used, but lasts surprisingly long for how thin it is. It can easily make a mess, so do be careful if you don't want it all over your bed. Take a shower to completely get the smell off of me, but it doesn't quite travel the length of my torso.

+Half a liter. That's a water bottle of lube.
+Dirt cheap.
+Probably one of the best scented/fetish lubes
-Can make a mess
-Smell takes a shower to get off, but I have to do things differently than normal to smell it while I use it

by Tristan October 17, 2017
Hey....that's....pretty gooooood

HALF A LITER OF LUBE? Yeah, I suppose I knew what I was getting into.
Really strong smell. A nice, strong, smell. TamaToys really does know all about their artworks on their products and they know how to make lube.

Just don't use too much of this at a time. It's really slippery.

In all: pretty good lube for a good price. You seriously don't need to buy any more for at least a year.

by aejf March 30, 2017
Lots of volume

There's lot of lube in the bottle so you can use it for a long time. Like others said the thickness/stickiness is a bit lacking and thin but it has a sweet smell and overall is great value.

by Max March 2, 2017
This need to be know

like sayed by others, it's good quality/quantity/price ratio with weak thickness. It's however needed to say that lotion dry fast... like 6 minutes of pumping fast. If you're an enduring you need to use another lotion.

by Jacob November 28, 2016
So much better than Onatsuyu Lotion

First, viscosity of this lotion is thinner than Onatsuyu Lotion but thicker than water, which makes it feel really natural and may make your bed sheet wet like you did it with a real person.

Smell of this lotion is awesome and I cannot get tired of it. It smells like fresh spring flower, compared to Onatsuyu Lotion which has slight factory smell that gets me off my mood. Even Japanese customers at Amazon says this smell better than any other lotions.

The amount of this lotion is also huge compared to other lotions with same price. I used it for a whole year without buying any more.

Lastly, the dispenser of the bottle is better than other lotions because I can measure how much I want to use by the number of times I push the top. Compared to Onatsuyu Lotion which you have to squeeze like a toothpaste.

by Hira_imp August 20, 2016
Great amount

So much amount of the product
A good point for its price
Having for a while and i didn't finished yet

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