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See through Single Rotor Blue

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Available on otonaJP since: 2017 October 5
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 81 Grams


11 Customer Reviews for See through Single Rotor Blue

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by BlueWolf April 22, 2019
Good free rotor

Got it for free with an order and was surprised at how strong the vibrations could get despite that.
A nice addition to increase your ways to play.

by Nora March 28, 2019
Definitely worth a try

I can agree with most of the other comments. This rotor is pretty good and continues to work well after several uses. The rotor has three distinct vibrating intensities rather than a gradual increase as you turn the dial. The wire seems long enough for general use but could be longer. With the setting on high it can deliver some pretty strong vibrations too.

At one point when I was cleaning the rotor, I saw that a bit of lube had gotten inside where the two halves of the motor casing meet. I haven't experienced any change in performance since then though. It would be pleasant if this had a fourth intensity lower than its first since it can feel awfully strong at first. The noise made out in the open in near silence is also pretty loud so be careful.

Overall I'm definitely satisfied with this rotor especially since its a freebie.

by Anon March 9, 2019
Didn't liked it

The plastic is very hard and at least for me the vibration did not give me pleasure.
It is probably better to put on the tip of the penis in men than using with girls.

by Kevin September 1, 2018
Better vibration than expected

From a free product, I expected the vibration to be extremely weak. However, it was much stronger than I thought. Goes great with any onahole with two holes. Put it in the other hole and enjoy light vibration..

by underZEN June 30, 2018
Very good

+Good material
+I said free?
-... Is perfect...

by Window June 18, 2018
It's free and adjustable

Added to my order because it was free and lightweight & I've never owned anything like this before. I like the adjustable vibration strength, it's actually quite strong. The batteries are a concern though, they are a knockoff "brand", so don't leave them in the rotor when you are not using it, or use some better batteries.

by Seedmonster April 6, 2018
A free rotor but don't expect the best

Comes with batteries but would suggest using different ones as it seems shifty. Rotor has adjustable speeds so I put it in onahips for enchanced feelings. Wouldn't recommend to pull by the cord as you might break it

by marco antonio December 27, 2017
it looks so pretty omg

it doesnt last long because of the batteries, but buy energizer or brand name ones and itll feel amazing!!!! i really recoment it, seriously.

by noire December 26, 2017
Free vibrator?

It's completely free, you might as well pick it up. It has adjustable vibration settings, pretty amazing for a free vibrator.

by Kappa123 December 22, 2017
Why not get it? It's free!

+ Free
+ Adjustable vibration speed (I was really surprised they even have this. Amazing!)


Summary: It's free so get it.

by A December 18, 2017
Expected garbage; turns out it was silver (but not gold)

I expected this to break after one use or so, but it so good so far.
Comes with non-brand, meme batteries (not sure if trying to copy the Panasonic logo or not lol), although I would advise maybe buying your own batteries for caution (bad batteries can explode, and no one wants a roasted onahole+wiener). The vibration strength is ok and you can adjust it with 1 hand.
The rotor itself has some imperfection (for mine at least), which could gouge your onahole if you aren't careful. Sand that part down or wrap it in a few layers of plastic wrap and you're good. As with all electronics, don't get the controller wet and don't pull the rotor by the cord.

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