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Stay Home Lover

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Your Perfect Japanese Girlfriend
Maker YELOLABProduct Type 256

Weight 2700 Grams
Dimensions 170x150x210mm

User Reviews

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  • | 5/4/2023

    Good small hip design

    I like this toy alright. I got on the "smaller sized hip" train after experiencing the Puni Ana SukeSuke DX. This one is slightly smaller than the SukeSuke, which makes it feel closer to a large onahole than the size of a full size hip. But as far as shape/form, this toy is pretty good. An easy two-hander, offers decent depth in both holes, and is mostly easy to clean. However, I do think the uterus gimmick in the vaginal tunnel takes usable length away, and what makes it harder to clean because you get this small 'pocket' in the back. Weightwise - this thing is hefty enough to pound against satisfyingly, but you could also easily throw it around if you so chose. I was a bit disappointed, to be honest, about how the tunnels feel. I think the average person will really enjoy them, but the inner material is rather firm and unrealistic, similar to many of the dual layer No Syoumei Meikis and UNlike the Namajiri switch (also from Yelolab), which had a nice softness but sadly a poor durability. It does make me finish faster than some other hips I've used, but I'm more of a fan of "melting soft" sensations than the aggressive harder ones. The durability of this toy, so far, has been very good though. I haven't had any tearing inside or on the orifices. I just know that there are hips that are durable but softer and realer on the inside, so that's where I have to give this thing one fewer star. Overall, a very good product and it will probably satisfy most customers a lot - just not perfect my tastes.

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  • | 2/4/2021

    Heavy. Not used to this kind of weight

    When I went to pick this one up at the post office, I found that I had clearly underestimated the size of this onahip. Being used to smaller onaholes (which would mean just regular sized onaholes you can use with one hand), this one really required me to use both hands. And I am not used to that kind of thing. Getting inside was relatively difficult at first. But hey, it's all a learning process. This hip, having two holes, means you can have double the fun. Switching up between the two. Only downside being that I have one onaho heating system instead of two. Which means that during each of the sessions I had, I only warmed the vaginal hole. And once I started, I couldn't warm up the anal hole. Power sockets and USB ports are too far away for that. To summarize: it's a good onahip, but might take some getting used to. Also: there don't seem to be any toy bags large enough to fit this one.

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  • | 1/21/2021

    Hefty Hip Amazing Feel

    This felt so great in my hands when I recieved it, literally couldn't stop playing with it for like 10 minutes. It did have a scent to it but that's just from the powder on the outside of the toy. Once I rinsed it off it was fine. The inside is awesome and both holes felt great! This was my first hole that was over 100 bucks and I'd pay even more for this amount of quality. You could get a similar feeling from cheaper hips but the amount of weight combined with the shape really made this for me. I also really liked the belly button on the tummy, very cute!

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