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Superb Fella 5

Blowjob Type Onahole "Superb Fella 5" by A-One

  • Maker: A-One
  • Sku: 極フェラ5
Superb Fella 5

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The Superb Fella series by A-One is known as for offering one of the best blow job experiences available on the market and the latest installment, Superb Fella 5 is no exception to that. The concept of being as close to the real life as possible has even been improved and is offering you a realistic stimulation.

Comes with a 80ml bottle of lotion.

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Get this after you get tired of trying all the good blowjob onaholes
The tongue is too small to feel anything during use. The three rings are not meant for everyone. They either feel too tight or too loose depending from person to person. There is one thing good about this toy, there is no teeth. Superb Fella 3 feels superior to this one in every way. Or the Mouth of Truth (La Bocca della Verita) Normal Edition and Soft Edition with the teeth removed comes real close equally when comparing with Superb Fella 3. Cleaning and maintenance does get in the way due to the three rings in place. It makes it harder to rinse through the tough areas with the constricting rings. It would be better to purchase this on a special offer sale or with a discount voucher.
Review by - / (Posted on 1/27/2018)
Love this blowjob
I love this onahole very tight simulation wish it followed all the way through like real deep throat. Althought the mouth is on small side its very sexy when used and the lube it comes with is amazing. I look forward to there next generation each time the improvements have been incredible i say there about 2 more modles away from making the realest blowjob onahole.
Review by Shadow / (Posted on 6/10/2016)
This is my first product from A-One

First off the negatives:
It has a nasty chemical smell, that I only hope to God will fade over time.
It won't fill the room but you will notice it

The front exterior of the toy came to me with creases/wrinkles/marks from the packaging. They seem to be quite permanent and I have no idea how to smooth them out, so it's quite disappointing

The supposed tightness rings are a bit of a gimmick. Maybe I'm just not thick enough, but they need to be bigger like Toy's Heart Student Council President. The tongue is basically non existant because it's so small. I was surprised at how soft the material is, looking at the pictures I imagined it would be hard especially in the throat area, like the La Bocca. Unfortunately it falls short in the deepthroat department.

The quality is questionable.
The lips are actually the inner material. Where the soft material meets the lips is a clear edge, it hasn't been fused together smoothly and only time will tell when they eventually separate.

Out of the box is already a tiny split on the bottom lip. Also 2 tiny tiny craters/holes in the surface. Very minor details, perhaps just my luck or an indication of this brand's quality compared to others, like Magic Eyes/Toys Heart.

However! The one thing they have done right is the lips. This is the only onahole I've seen that has went the extra mile to colour the lips, giving the user some bonus visual stimulation.

Of the oral onaholes I've used (La Bocca, Maid in Fella), this one sucks the best thanks to the thickness of the lips. This is because there is actually no mouth and teeth area, it's almost like a vagina with mouth for lips. This sacrifices the tongue and such, for some solid dick sucking lips.

Would I recommend this? Maybe not, unless you want to take a chance on quality and go for the best lips.
Review by Ben Dover / (Posted on 5/9/2016)
Needs an update. ASAP
Ordered 4/28 - Rec'd 5/6

Look/Appearance: 3.5/5
Texture: 2.5/5

Upon opening the box, you will notice some intricate art on front, with graphic imagery on the sides and back. Wow!

Peeking into the box you will notice these tiny little bird lips peeking up at you. Hi!

Upon opening you will notice a larger than normal tube of lube. Good job A-One!

Here's where it gets interesting...

Why did these guys mimick/replicate a gerbil's tongue in there? If anything it felt like a little worm escaping for freedom everytime I poked my head inside...

The internal "rings" I thought would create this new wave of pleasure...Instead they remind you of how lifeless and inorganic this onahole feels.

The outside material feels pretty urethanized with a lot of silicone, totally no soft organic feel at all, synthetic and hard.

The cute little bird lips are a treat! However... They could definitely use some augmenting (like 1000% increase) A-One please make your product's lips fuller and more appealing in the future!

Last but not least, I've only put it through 1 use, and the lips are already starting to seperate from the mold and implode inward. Meh...
Review by vShikko / (Posted on 5/7/2016)

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