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Sujiman Kupa Lolinco

Hentai Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Product Type: Hentai Onahole, Virgin Onahole

Onahole with a large camel toe

An absolute landmark product from Magic Eyes, the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Onahole is a staggering achievement for just how much stimulation an onahole can possibly offer. Themed around an adorable loli wife (the package even includes a wedding registration card), this onahole begins with a set of plump, puffy lips guiding you into her virgin pussy, before hitting you with some of the tightest pressure and a mix of incredibly textures right into her uterus. With huge attention to detail on the visual appeal alone, Sujiman Kupa Lolinco is not to be missed for lovers of maximum tight stimulation. Not for the faint of heart! You can relive your wedding night with a cute loli wife over and over again.

The Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Onahole from Magic Eyes features
  • very nice camel toe design
  • Made by Magic Eyes
  • comes in a super nice designed box
  • real Virgin like experience
  • onahole weight about 450 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 80x55x165mm


18 Customer Reviews for Sujiman Kupa Lolinco

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by wolf fighter August 8, 2020
really tight , not much of a texture

well it was always advertised as like the best pussy onahole there is and even reviews from people claimed its like the best . but honestly i was kinda dissapointed with these promotions since it wasnt really that good man. the thing is if they claim its the best and so good and praise it like that you kinda expect it to be awesome and all but it was kinda meh . the thing is it had barely any texture. well it had but it was like really weak not much stimmualation from that only kinda weakly feelable. it was mostly only a really tight hole with a barely noticeable texture / design inside lol. well the good thing it had the only really good thing it had that it was really , really tight like its claimed at least xD. so it was really tightly squeezing your dick which is good. additional it was heavyer than your normal average onahole and kinda meatier from the material arround the insides, so you really felt alot pressure pressing against your dick, squeezing it in a good way. and as you expect from magic eyes they are named like that for a reason. that onaholes has tiny little tits on top and is more shaped like a body well it looks kinda like a miniatur body while its only a pussy onahole lol. got a ass on the backside and a belly buttom on front too additional to the big smooth pussy lips. had no cervix penetration in the sense of penetrating and entering it, but i think the end was kinda a cervix or should resemble that duno. so all in all that eye candy hole was not as good as i expected and how it was always praised in my opinion, way to oversold, its anyways as well in the medium ranged price class for the normal average sized onaholes. i give it 7.5/10

by Ror February 12, 2020
Well made and durable

Great price for the quality it has.
The camel toe design is really nice as you see it wrap around your shaft and the inner design is noticeable. Have used it for about a month and hasn't had any major damage.
But the smell IS still there, even if I wash it constantly, but it the smell has diminished somewhat after a while.
Also I don't know if its just with mine but I had to "break it in" the first time I used it. I recommend a lot of lube for the first time just like the fantasy the box gives you lol

by Luke December 26, 2019
Its musst have!

Great price, great quality, great stimulation.
This one has got them all.
I dont know how they did it, but this one is really stimulating, without being painful.
The entrance is really tight and grips around your shaft, the rest just feels great.

-feels amazing, while not still being soft and not hurting your dick
-great Value for money
-build like a tank,
I dont get what the other reviewers are complaining about, but mine stood the test of time after a year of atleast weekly use.
-heavy and meaty

-you may cum frustratingly fast --> bad for longer sessions
-in my opinion weird loli theme

You have to get this one!

by One November 6, 2019
It smells really bad

After opening the package i had to take 3 steps back because of the bad smell of this thing!
It feels ok but i threw it after the first use in the trash, since i cant cope with having this smell on me after every use. I´ll avoid magic eyes in the future

by Liam Y. August 6, 2019
Stimulating but not satisfying

This is a popular onahole with many recommendations and my experience with it certainly lives up to its reputation in some regards.

The cavity itself responds really well to the given amount of lotion, which creates several degrees of tightness that cater well to different preferences. It's also got some weight to it, which adds a lot to its durability.
It's also as stimulating as advertised and does provide quick relief, however, I did find the sensations to be rather muted due the straightforward nature of the cavity and lack of an inner chamber. Other issues with the onahole include the hymen layer tearing off after several uses and the stickiness of the outer material, which requires powdering after usage.

Overall, I found this to be a quality product, but too straightforward while being highly stimulating, which made my sessions with it almost procedural at times.

by Cancer August 5, 2018
Inferior to the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo

Very easy to use
Recommended for beginners

Good (but not great) tightness
Good (but not great) stimulation

If you're thinking about purchasing this onahole don't.
Purchase the improved version, the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo instead.

by J June 22, 2018
The staple of any collection

Tight with high stimuli and always satisfied after use, not to mention great value for money, this is the benchmark for toys. Had to order another one when the old one "passed away" after years of use

by NZX April 30, 2018

One of the best onaholes I ever used. Intense stimulation, I won't even last a few minutes. After 1 year use, it is still pretty nice, small tear at the hymen.

by Monty April 16, 2018
Extremely tight but also fragile

When you first use the lolinco it can be one of the tightest and best feeling experiences ever. However, the internal 'rings' which act as the hymen will almost certainly break on the first if not first few uses. My lolinco continued to rip both internally and externally at the top and bottom lips. It still feels good but no where near as good as it used to be.

by Allen February 8, 2018
Tight as hell!!

Using this, it's really hard to describe the pleasure. You can literally FEEL all the sensations, nubs and bumps, unlike any other onahole I've used. Cleaning is a bit of a hassle because of the tightness. Use some fiber cloth wrap around your pointing finger to dry it after cleaning.

by Deets May 5, 2017
Decent Hole...

The eclipse after the summary title is to get your attention to one really big con with this hole.

I love Magic Eye's holes because their material is soft and feel really great to use and the Lolinco is no exception to that. Yet, after the first use of my Lolinco I found that the hole was already ripped at the entrance as well as the inside of the hole. So a major con with this is that you have to be REALLY GENTLE with it or else it won't last too long.

Other then that, this hole is really good since it's really tight and you can feel most of the bumps inside. My only wish is that this was either reinforced or made with stronger material.

by Vincent April 4, 2017
Great hole but....

Increadble hole, intense stimulation, just is to hard to clean and dry, and be careful dont be so rough with her, dont worry the hole is not going to break or something in the first uses, but can be tear easy if you dont take precautions, just lube the entrance and your litle hole is going to have a long live.

by Bob March 7, 2017
Worth the price but doesn't last long

I bought this little hole earlier this year and it arrived on the 24th of Jan. It was the best one i'd owned so far when I got it. It's very stimulating, has a good weight to it and was amazingly tight at first. However after only having it for a little over a month the inside of it is shredded.

At first it was almost uncomfortably tight until the hymen tore, which thankfully (and logically) happened during the first use. It was amazing for a few weeks after that, I was noticing small tears here and there but they weren't really causing any issues. Around two weeks ago though it tore from the hymen along the smaller tears inside and lost most of the tightness and stimulation that made it such a great hole. On the bright side I guess it's easy to clean now.

I'm definitely above average in size which probably hasn't helped with the situation but I expected it to last longer than it did. It was an amazing hole for the month or so that it lasted though and easily worth the low price.

I'd highly recommend picking it up despite the issues with the durability.

by Anon November 9, 2016
One of the best

Been using this hole for at least a yr with no signs of significant wear or tear. It's tight and very pleasurable for someone with an avg sized member. The Virgo big sister version is also great although I find this version much easier to clean when finished using.

by Nick October 26, 2016
3 years on, this waifu is still around

The entrance might tear abit, the inner structure may tear as well, but it doesn't disintegrate. This is quite a heavy hole for what is supposed to be a loli, with the right lube this is one of the best, snug holes you'll ever find. Legal loli onahole? Maybe.

by Bun September 24, 2016
Waited over 1 year to review this

One of the best onaholes to date. 1+ year later and nearly only the hymen has teared. Tunnel is tight and stimulation all the way from top to bottom. After reaching the end tunnel you can even pause penetration to move your hips in circular motion (or wiggle) to feel stimulus.

– Durable
– Very stimulating, thick and tight
– Medium size and weight may allow for hands-free penetration

– Harder to dry and/or clean
– Hymen may tear after a few uses

CONCLUSION: Maybe the hymen tearing after 3+ uses was intended by design, and if so, then max stars to quality. Being double layered, cleaning and drying may be bit harder. Max 2 fingers inside the tunnel or risk of tearing.

Recommended for: Anyone seeking extra tight with a highly stimulating tunnel.

It's successor (with new womb tunnel):
*Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo: https://www.otonajp.com/sujiman-kupa-lolinco-virgo

by Nightmommy August 14, 2016
The best value you'll find.

While Lolinco Isn't for everyone, for someone of small - average size, the crushingly tight walls, strong vacuum, chunky ridges, and alluring outer design make for the absolute best onahole out there for less than 30 USD. The opening "hymen" will most likely split after extended use, but I'm not sure that isn't by design. Cleaning can be a hassle based on how incredibly tight she is, but these are fairly minor gripes compared to how amazing this onahole feels.

by Vendeen July 30, 2016
Still my favorite after years of usage

I tried many products but this one always stays my favorite. I have been using it for years and it still doesn't show alot of deterioration. It also feels really good but that's just my opinion.

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