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Taimanin Igawa Asagi Miseijuku no Bijo Hole

Hentai Onahole by PPP
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Product Type: Hentai Onahole

Hentai Pocket Pussy based on the Taimanin Series

The Taimanin Igawa Asagi Miseijuku no Bijo Hole is a masturbator toy by PPP based on the voluptuous, martial artist character, Asagi Igawa from the hentai anime & game series Taimanin. The previous Taimanin sex toys from PPP (there are many) have been extremely popular, and this one is sure to follow suit. Miseijuku means "immature" and Bijo "beauty" in Japanese, so this is a younger version of Asagi's sexy body and tight love tunnel. As usual with the Taiminin onahole range, this toy features a magnificent, "3D" curvaceous body to hold and a highly stimulating inner tube that will provide you with hours of penis pleasure. The box is also great with marvellous high-quality artwork and will appeal to any fans of the Taimanin series.

The Taimanin Igawa Asagi Miseijuku no Bijo Hole Sex Toy Features:
  • High-Quality Hentai Onahole By PPP
  • based on the hentai anime series Taimanin
  • Durable Single-layer Design
  • 3D (Mini Torso) Body Design
  • Stimulating Inner Tunnel
  • Complimentary Pack of Lubricant
  • Weight: 540 Grams
  • Dimensions: 150 x 90 x 70 mm


2 Customer Reviews for Taimanin Igawa Asagi Miseijuku no Bijo Hole

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by Penmin June 9, 2020
Kinda bad

First off, I want to say you should only buy this if you're a huuuge fan of Taimanin, otherwise you're gonna be upset.

The appearance and theme of the toy are great. I love asagi, which is why I bought this. But the shape is actually a liability during use I find. I don't find it nice to hold, it's a bit too bulky. The quality however is top notch, it's made of a durable substance that I can tell is made to last.

The rest of this review is going to be about the issues though, unfortunately. Firstly, the entrance is EXTREMELY small. Fine once you get your lube rolling but it's kind of unnecessary if you ask me.
By extension, the toy is very tight, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but personally it's not to my preference.
Next, the toy is a little short. During use it looks like her torso it trying to hatch a rudimentary head over and over but it can't breach the shell (sorry for that image). Next problem, and this might just be me, but the bend that they show in the diagram is super annoying. Because of how tight the toy is, the bend will often prevent me from reaching the end of the tunnel and instead protrude our of her stomach like a young alien from the movie Alien... (not as sorry for that image, iconic scene)

Lastly, trying to clean this thing is a FUCKING nightmare. Because of how tight it is and the bend in the middle, water refuses to go in and trying to dry it... Holy shit. Actually frustrating as hell. You legitimately probably want to buy a small turkey baster to go with this toy if you plan on using it because that's about the only way you're going to manage to clean it out properly.

Overall, terrible, awful toy to use and maintain. but if you want it just to have for your asagi shrine and just keep it in the box or something, that's cool. Otherwise say away from this one.

by Anthony April 10, 2020
Pretty Good! Kind of a hassle to clean.

The material for this product is pretty sturdy, which leads me to believe that this product is very durable, and will last. The sensation is pretty good, but sometimes I run into a problem where the product wants to "push out" my penis. When I'm finished, I usually would rinse it out, but I would shrike into a problem where it's hard to do such. The crevice of the product is naturally narrow, and with it's sturdy material, it becomes difficult to stretch it open enough for water to flow easily through.

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