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The Captive Warrior Princess Meiki Onahole

by Tama Toys
A Tama Toys Premium Onahole
Weight: 560 grams
Dimensions: 170mm×90mm×80mm
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User Reviews

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  • | 2/12/2021

    A worthy successor for the Erokatsu

    The 17th onahole in the "TamaToys Premium" series. One of three TMPR-holes I ordered back in 2020. Also the first of these three I decided to use. Have used it twice so far, even before I used the other two, which, to date, are still in their respective toy bags, unused. What can I say about this hole? Well....it's...good. Surprisingly so. After the TMPR-006 and my initial disappointment in it and then the tearing of said hole, I decided to check if this TMPR series was worth the money. This one most certainly is. It's easy to go into, but once you're in there, you're in a whole different world. Not too tight, but still pretty damn good. I would consider this to be a worthy successor to the Erokatsu.

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  • | 12/25/2020

    Strike zone between soft and stimulation.

    Result: Score ★★★★☆ 4.5/5 Stimulation 2/5 Hardness 2/5 (soft) Note that I'm reviewing this as soft-type/longplay-er standard, stimulation 2/5 is good strike zone. I'm not usually buy from Tama Toys, as they are targeting kinky stuff and small size market, but lately they are starting to play in mid-size league (~500g) or so called their "Tama Premium" line of products, plus there was good review from Japanese reviewer site (hail onahodouga) so I decided to give it a shot. *Structure* Hole is done with double layer, softer outside and bit rougher inside. I think this was upgrade over their last "Deep Cumshot during my usual Overtime" which was single layer. Single layer has its own merit but double layer can have roughness inside differ from material outside. *Material* With current material Tama is using, I'm still not satisfy with smell, it smells like play-doh and quite strong. Durability is ok, I saw some tearing started on entrance after several use, but I think it could last year+ with right care. *The Play* It did a good job providing light vacuum thanks to it round air-tight entrance. 3 nubs near entrance if you want to play it shallow, or engulf wall on end with some vacuum if you want to play it deep. It is win win for both play style.

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