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Maid Service

by Toys Heart
US$59.40 save US$27.45
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Maid themed masturbator
Maker Toys Heart

Weight 457 Grams
Dimensions 180x68mm

User Reviews

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  • | 3/22/2024

    Maid Needs More Training

    While the nubs are pleasurable the rings are not very comfortable. It would better if it had a noticeable bottom out. I like the simple exterior design.

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  • | 5/4/2023

    A Good Replacement for ToysHeart's Plump Real

    My favorite benefits of larger/longer onaholes is the extra room to pound into with out hitting the bottom, especially during climax, and vacuum ability. Maid Service does both well. My two favorite suckers are both made by ToysHeart: Witch's Temptation and the now discounted Plump Real, so I'm comparing them to Maid Service. And in the vacuum category, both WT and PR are noticeably stronger than Maid Service, but where the Maid falls short here it makes up for it in terms of better feeling and sensation. It's by no means a fast ride but as you look at the pictures of its bumps and ridges they look pretty aggressive but the material is soft; its softer than WT or PR but firmer than say, Ride Japan's Bungee Touch material. You can go for longer sessions if you like without getting overwhelmed or gourged-out because of vacuum from sleeves like WT and PR. And like many of ToysHeart single-layer sleeves it is an easy and quick cleaning job. Unlike WT and PR you'll probably want to apply powder on this one after washing. The only downside that I noticed with Maid Service is its stronger than normal rubber smell; it will not wash out.

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  • | 4/24/2022

    Decent I guess

    Personally, I prefer more stimulating holes, and this is not it. Completely meh, only upside is how large it is, allowing for nice deep thrusts. could be hard to clean without turning inside out, it's hard for my fingers to reach the end, so i just turned it inside out and it made it much easier to clean. dunno if it was built for it, I did notice slight tears on one of the frills, and a tiny tear on a nub, but since its already inside out its simple enough to dry it without much worry. My favorite thing is the outer shape of it, it's just a tube with a hole. weird little bodies with rubber nipples and rubber sculpted vaginas don't do it for me and make me feel like a creep. Thats just me though. If you want a more mellow experience so you could last longer this could be for you, but if you're like me this toy might not even keep you hard or interested long enough.

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  • | 10/11/2021

    Ball is best

    The ball very stimulate best feeling when using it. The hole was very soft. It is worth buying it

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  • | 8/19/2021

    Quick and easy

    If you're looking for something quick that doesn't require much cleaning and that is quite stretchable to reach all the way in. Then this product is for you. It is a "succ" machine kind of, just that its not actually a machine.

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  • | 2/23/2021

    High intensity ball nubs ****

    I bought this because of the high intensity ball nubs that alternate in successive rows. After such high intensity, the parallel ribs in the middle section have nearly no feeling. As such, I only penetrate and enjoy only the first 1/3 of the length. Not long enough to reach the last 1/3 and not useful. Probably cost could fall if it was shorter. A little pricey. Another minor complaint that it could be tighter. Still I score this a solid 4.0/5.0

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  • | 2/16/2021

    First Ona

    This was my first ona. It is pretty good but it seems to be made for longer sessions as the stimulation seems quite low

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  • | 12/20/2020

    Bought it for the box art, but the hole itself is one of my favourites now

    Bought it because I thought the box was cute, and given that it says 'long play hole' on the box, I wasn't expecting much in terms of sensation (I prefer harder stimulation onaholes). However, this one proves to be versatile. The bumps at the start and towards the end of the hole provide a lot of stimulation, and moving past that is the smaller ridges which allows for longer sessions with less stimulation. I find that I the most out of it by switching which sections of the hole I use, as the difference in stimulations can make this one usable for both quicker and longer sessions. Definitely has become one of my favourite holes. 9/10, would be 10 but it is definitely on the expensive side.

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  • | 11/17/2020

    best purchase i made in a while

    fantastic onahole, big enough and very durable

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