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Tororichi - Melty Love -

Soft Onahole by Magic Eyes
Soft male masturbator
The Tororichi - Melty Love - onahole from the masterminds at Magic Eyes is a dream for lovers of soft onaholes. It combines a very soft experience with the high quality Magic Eyes stands for. Based on a a young chubby girl, the Melty Love onahole feels soft on the outside and sits well in your hand. While many soft onaholes have a quite bland stimulation, the Melty Love combines softness with a diversified stimulation. Inside the Melty Love onahole we have a second layer, with thin ribs and curves. The deeper you push, the tighter the Melty Love is, while still feeling comfortable due to its softness.

The Tororichi - Melty Love - onahole by Magic Eyes features
  • Soft male sex toy
  • made by Magic Eyes
  • diversified soft stimulation
  • onahole weight about 500 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 150x85mm
  • comes with a small pack of lotion - good for 1-2 uses
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User Reviews

3 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 11/23/2018

    Feels great, but will fall apart quickly

    I got about four months of use out of the Tororichi (only averaging about two uses a week), and I enjoyed it a lot. As many others have shared, though, its material will not hold up at all and it will quickly fall apart. When I sized myself up to the small entrance the first time I used it, I remember thinking I was going to have to struggle to get inside it, which is par for the course with Magic Eyes' loli-themed onaholes. But the Tororichi's material is pleasantly soft and the thing sucked me right inside. The tunnel is very narrow, but not in a way that is constricting and tight, the soft material very nicely wraps around and envelops you, letting you feel the inner structure without an oppressive squeeze. I loved this feeling but after that first use I could tell the hole was just doomed from the start, as bits of the inner structure were tearing off as I pulled out. I've never had an onahole I didn't tear apart but usually it will take some time before I see tearing. This hole's entrance started ripping after the first use. But, since tightness wasn't really responsible for the great stimulation, I continued to enjoy it these past few months. Overall I liked this hole because of the soft, squishy feeling and an inner structure that was just comfortably tight. Personally I think it was worth the money, but everyone will have a different judge of value. So as good as it feels and as much as I enjoyed it, I have a hard time recommending something that will very likely degrade quickly. But if you can stomach a potentially shorter lifespan for dense-but-cozy fit, then I'd say go for it.

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  • | 8/14/2018

    So far so good (but a little small)!

    This is a standard soft onahole, it feels nice but it doesn't have too much stimuli, I haven't had any of the tearing problems I've heard but I'm average or a little below average at best, only complaints I've had is that it was very oily when it came so I had to wash it thoroughly before using it (which isn't that rare anyways) and I wish the entrance was a little bigger (that's the loli part I guess), otherwise it serves its purpose quire well and I've been using it for around 2 months, CAUTION if you're ABOVE AVERAGE go for a bigger hole unless you want to feel what it's like to break a fake vagina.

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  • | 7/10/2018

    Feels good but not durable

    When I saw how tiny this thing is, and how small the hole is, I knew it wouldn't last very long. I'm not huge but I think I'm a little wider than average. Feels amazing, but after just the first use the insides were ripped a little. Not a big deal, it still worked and felt great for more uses but eventually the inner layer was totally torn and coming apart. I finally just got rid of it, but since it's only 2970 yen I was only kinda sad. That's a lot of money for a single use onahole, but if you get a few uses out of it maybe it's better. Also, if you have a smaller penis (especially in diameter) it might last longer as well. It lasted around 15 or so uses, although I probably should've gotten rid of it earlier.

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