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Toys Heart Cup Normal

Ona Cup by Toys Heart
(appx. 8.67 )
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Product Type: Ona Cup

easy to use male masturbator

Created with convenience in mind, the Toys Heart Cup Normal is an exciting pussy in a cup just ready and waiting for you. Just pop off the lid and slide inside, it's that easy. The onahole is already pre-lubed, so everything's ready to go. Got that urge anywhere and anytime? Toy's Heart Cup Normal is here. When you're finished, simply toss the product away. No mess to clean up, no fuss. Please note Toy's Heart Cup is intended as a disposable product. This is the Normal version for a tight all-round experience. Made by Toys Heart.

The Toys Heart Cup Normal features
  • super easy to use male sex toy
  • pre lubed, just open and use it straight away
  • great stimulation whenever you want


7 Customer Reviews for Toys Heart Cup Normal

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by dudufung September 19, 2020
Well... okay...

Its supposed to be a one time. BUT you can take it out from the cup and reuse it. Good as a disposable!

by Alpine98 December 8, 2019
Material can cause brush burns

To its credit, the opening has a decent size and it's well lubricated. Unfortunately, the material is a plastic foam I'm used to in my kitchen sponges. It left me with brush burns at spots that were painful to clean, but not open cuts. Don't exceed 10 minutes with this.

by Liam Y. August 6, 2019
A great extra

The Toys Heart Cup Normal is exactly what you'd expect from a single-use onahole. The sensations it provides are very straightforward and its not very durable. As an added bonus to a huge order, I find it to be a great gift for close friends who are interested in onahole or planning to travel. It definitely serves their needs better than mine.

by Jose May 30, 2019
Gets the job done. Worth using if free.

As people may have mentioned by now its a one-time use masturbator. I gave it these scores because even though its meant for one use you can kinda force some more use from one so it can be resiliant but they tend to tear after one use. Its pretty expensive for a one-use-then-throw-away toy but I managed to get it free with my order. It would definately be better and cheaper to buy a onahole than buying multiple onacups that only last one use but if you can get it for free it gets the job done.

by Goshujin-sama May 1, 2019
It is good, but...

The other two reviewers clearly can’t ready: it is a one-time use. It is not meant to hold up for longer/more uses. There, now that we cleared that up, on to my review:

It is simply to expensive for what it is. For the price of 2-3 of these you can get a solid, single-layer onahole that feels just as good and will last you forever.

That being said, gotta give ToysHeart credit for a clever design. For being essentially a soda can-take on a male sex toy it works well. Pop the top, use it and then throw away. A bit on the overly tight side at first but once the lube kicks in that’s just a plus.

Wouldn’t recommend it as a purchase but I mine as a freebie and it was a nice treat.

by Quetzan March 25, 2019
One Timer

Pros are that it comes with your order. Also, it has good texture and doesn't smell bad. Comes lubricated and ready to use. As the other review states are that the durability of this product is bad. Which in my case it tore on the first go.

by Kuri September 11, 2018
One time fun

To make it short: As you open the cup the inside is filled with lubricant. About The feeling? It feels good, not top notch, but Good. The only problem is The durability. Mine torn apart after I used it once. It's a one time fun, but when you get is as addicional to your order, you can't say no to even trying this :)

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