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Virgin Loop HARD

by Ride
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Virgin male masturbator
Maker RideProduct Type 90

The Virgin Loop Hard is a classic flagship onahole from Ride Japan. One of their best selling products and for good reason. The material is firm and hard and wonderful to hold, with special grooves designed to make things feel more natural in your hand. With a stylish entry point that looks like a four leaf clover, you'll definitely get lucky with this cute girl. The inside is filled with gentle ribs to lock you into place, and a vacuum chamber at the end is ready to push back and take your full load. The Virgin Loop Hard onahole also has a regular version which is more soft. Please also check out the Virgin Loop Onahole.

The Virgin Loop HARD onahole from Ride Japan features

  • Virgin male sex toy
  • hard version of the original Virgin Loop Onahole
  • made by Ride Japan
  • crystal clear material
  • onahole weight about 265 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 140mm in length
  • comes with a small pack of lotion

User Reviews

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  • | 10/9/2023

    Used to be my favorite

    I usually would get this one to use it in air pillows, the texture is subtle but noticeable if you use less lube. It gets boring over time though.

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  • | 9/24/2023

    raw and narrow

    Yes, it takes some time to get used to this kind of hard stroking, which is the optimal use case, at least for me. It feels like one of the most femdom onaholes. I am too scared to buy her again but the material can take lots of punishment and she is winning every time. Do not get confused by her submissive artwork. She appears to be wholesome but is both lewd and aggressive.

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  • | 12/25/2022

    Fair Price for a Durable and Nice Feeling Onahole

    In terms of feeling, this onahole has a decent sensation and is a good size for average to below-average sizes. It is also highly durable, to which other reviewers also hold the same view. It is also very good value for its price, and I would recommend it as a starting onahole for its price. Since it is not opaque, you can see your juicer while you are in the onahole, so there's an additional "gimmick" for some people who like that.

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  • | 12/31/2020

    Extremely durable, but good only with a mod.

    This thing can last basically forever. You can turn it inside-out for easy cleaning with no tearings whatsoever. Unfortunately, the texturing inside it too plain to provide much stimulus. So I have to turn it inside-out than take bit off with scisors randomly to improve the texture. I have to be careful not to pierce through. One the mod is successfully done, the onahole is perfect and last for a long time! Still, over a year of use, it's a good idea to start anew with a brand new one. I did it twice already. :)

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  • | 2/10/2018

    One of best valued product

    Feels: 9/10 this is a hard onahole, so if are not experience with hard types, it may take a while to get use to this hole. Otherwise just feels amazing price: 10/10 there is a reason why this product been on best seller list for long time cleaning/ durability: 10/10 easy to clean. hard to break. lasts long time.

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  • | 11/24/2017


    quality, price, shipping all well done! ARIGATO!

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