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Toys Heart Cup Soft

Ona Cup "Toys Heart Cup Soft" by Toys Heart

Easy to use male masturbator
  • Maker: Toys Heart
  • Sku: トイズハートカップ ソフト
Toys Heart Cup Soft

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Designed for ultimate convenience, the Toy's Heart Cup is literally a self-contained vagina in a cup. Or, well, maybe not that literally but still. Pretty close. Just pop off the lid and slide inside, it's that easy. The onahole is already pre-lubed, so everything's ready to go when you are. And when you're finished, simply toss the product away. No mess to clean up, no fuss. Please note Toy's Heart Cup is intended as a disposable product. This is the Soft version for more gentle stimulation.

The Toys Heart Cup Soft by Toys Heart features
  • easy to use male sex toy
  • can be simply disposed after use
  • complete with lube inside
  • genuine japanese adult toy by Toys Heart Japan

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