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Triangle Silicon Ring

by Tama Toys
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  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 Nov 18
  • Product Weight (without the package): approx. 35 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: approx. 40x35x30mm


5 Customer Reviews for Triangle Silicon Ring

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by Wilco September 18, 2018
one use (for me).

Putting it on was a challenge already, taking it off was sadly not as difficult. However that was because the biggest of the three rings instantly snapped, i checked the other rings and it seems each of the rings has a weak point hidden under the connecting parts. Besides that part that it broke, it felt amazing, i've never experienced anything alike and would gladly give this product another chance.

by shimapanlover May 21, 2018
Bit tight

feels very nice to have on, but i feel like it's a bit tricky to get on

by Ayano March 6, 2018
Fun and safe to use

It's fun to use this as a "decoration" for otokonoko just like the artwork. The rings are quite durable, it will not break even you stretch it hard. If you, or your master, or your girl/boyfriend loves some BDSM, give this small toy a try.

by Goshujin-sama February 6, 2018
Kinda Hard To Use - But Well Worth It!

So this contraption, as per the adorable artwork, goes on your junk and gives it a squeeze. Technically meant to keep your boner going but I find that I enjoy just wearing it because the extra "hug" is provides feels great during play with your favourite toy.

The rubber is very thick and sturdy (I've no idea how the above reviewer managed to break it, he must be as strong as the Hulk or gotten a defective product) and actually quite tricky to put on as a result.

It is also quite dangerous! Be sure to move up to a bigger ring if you feel like the squeeze around your boner is too tight and you definitely do not want to accidentally let it slip from your fingers and rubberband-snap itself onto your balls! Trust me - friggin' ouch!

The only downside is that it is rather pricey for what it is.

by Brandon February 25, 2017
Not good value, no good fun

This product may seem really nice but after using it, it's turned me off completely. The tightness of each ring is hard to get it along with me not being able to put it on properly in time. This led to it breaking and parts of the silicon ring has popped off. I would note this as one of the Tama-Toys which are made of low quality.

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