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Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo

Hip Onahole by Magic Eyes
Large Hip Virgin male masturbator
Coming in at a staggering 2.4kg and made from silky smooth skin-like material, the Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo onahole perfectly recreates the innocent look and sexy charm of a younger Japanese girlfriend. Complete with a focus on puffy vagina lips, a plump little belly and petite perky breasts, this torso onahole from Magic Eyes is everything you could want to complete your dreams. Dive inside and you'll find both her vagina and anus ready and waiting for a pounding. The tunnels are made from different material to match their real-life feeling, and connect together at the end to create a powerful suction effect. She'll make your head spin (both of them!). This design also makes cleaning her much easier. The perfect young Japanese girlfriend experience any way you want her. If you are more info a softer experience we recommend the Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo SE.

The Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo onahole from Magic Eyes features
  • Big Virgin male sex toy
  • huge Torso and the ultimate Virgin Sex experience
  • Vagina and Anal Holes feel completely different
  • Made by Magic Eyes
  • onahole weight about 2400 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 150x140x240mm
  • comes with a small pack of lotion
appx. 136.65
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User Reviews

12 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 2/1/2020

    Feels good, boobs are amazing

    Feels good, boobs are amazing. Shipped in a plain brown box and came wrapped in brown paper

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  • | 1/1/2020

    Great quality and realistic, with minimal caveats

    I've had it for a few months, this should hopefully be a decent review to help you decide if this toy is right for you. Usage: The main hole has some hands-free suction, it's weak and doesn't add much to the experience. However, the feeling is not tight like most onaholes so I think this is more of a realistic feeling. Ideally, I prefer using this hole with the toy upside down on a flat surface. The weight of the toy adds firmness to the hole which makes the experience much more pleasant. The secondary hole is rather loose on the inside and not as enjoyable... but the entrance has a nice level of tightness and stretches well. Again, I think it's aiming to go for a realistic feeling which I appreciate. the size is good for grip and realism, you're not supposed to squeeze this toy. It's ideal for relatively hand's free use. Cleaning: It's relatively easy to clean but you can't just take it to the bathroom sink unless your sink is big. I usually wash it in the shower. If you can run water through the main hole, everything will come out the other. A hose, detachable showerhead, or something similar should help achieve this because without any pressure it won't work. So in a sense, it's easier to get this toy properly cleaned than the average toy. The only disadvantage for cleaning is the weight of the toy. It's somewhat unwieldy. Storing: It's... quite hard to store because of it's size. So prepare some room in a drawer or something in advance. Warnings: Due to the active suction, excess fluids can leak out the second hole when using the main hole, exercise caution. This should not be a problem if you'll just use it once between cleaning sessions. But using excess lube, for example, can result in you pumping lube out of the second hole with every thrust. Durability: I think this one can last indefinitely. It's not fragile, no points to tear on. Just expect the "skin" to peel a little around the edges. Treat it well, wash and store correctly and it's going to last. So... overall, it's a great toy. I may consider it a little expensive, but not overpriced. I would stay away from the "soft" version, because going softer than this one would ruin the experience in my opinion. Thanks for taking the time to read my review! :)

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  • | 11/29/2019

    Excellent torso

    + Great packaging + Nice addons + Good material + Very cute molding + Awesome sensations + Looks pretty durable

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  • | 3/29/2019

    Cute and adorable piece of loli body

    + Great packaging + Nice addons + Good material + Very cute molding + Awesome sensations + Looks pretty durable

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  • | 12/26/2018

    Near Perfect Product

    Honestly, this is the closest I've felt to the real thing. Well worth the money if you want a quality product. It is a bit big, so keep in mind that if you need to hide it, you need space. Also it can be a bit hard to clean, but what do you expect when you get a large onahole.

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  • | 9/9/2018

    One of the best ones that I've used

    If you are looking for price to quality, then you should definitely get this one. The internals feels very stimulating and unique on both holes. Just be careful not to be too rough with it like what I did to the anus (because it feels too good) so it tore a little bit but you use scissors and trim that shit up if it's just a small rip. Cleaning this can be very tricky if you have never used this kind of torso onahole, but it is fairly easily to clean once you now what to do. Since both holes are connected you can just fill water on one hole and let all the lube and cum flow out from the other hole. Make sure to do it from both holes and wash it with soap or any other cleaning product. Overall, the product just feels so good that I think that even if you have to do all the tedious cleaning process and find a good place to store it, it is really worth picking this one up.

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  • | 5/13/2018

    The best

    This is the pinnacle of mankind's efforts in the creation of male sex toys. This is Magic Eyes' masterpiece. Needless to say, slightly on the expensive side but well worth it in my opinion. Both holes feel amazing and alternating between them gives you so many different sensations in one toy. In addition, the texture feels slightly different if you flip it around so you're inserting while facing the back. Overall, an extremely wonderful onahole. My favourite, and I'm expecting it to be my favourite for a very long time.

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  • | 5/5/2017

    Good First Hip

    This was my first hip I've ever gotten. The Vagina of the hip pretty good, you can feel all the bumps along the way when you penetrate. Yet, the Vagina is not as tight as the Anus. But, the Anus itself has a pretty boring internal structure compared to the Vagina. Both holes on the hip are great to use and you can do many positions with this hip. My only gripe with this hip is that cleaning is terrible in the drying portion but this is most likely due to my inexperience in owning a hip. Anyways, a great hip, Magic Eyes have outdone themselves yet again.

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  • | 3/9/2017

    Great feeling but a bit clumpsy

    This onahole feels really really good, in particular the opening, as you pump it up and down your member. Personally I wish it wasn't shaped like a minature body and I feel the text / logo on it can be distracting. Right now it's somewhere in between a hip and a onahole with the concequence of that you really can't use it with one hand which is a shame. You need to dual wield this bad boy. The sensation really is great!

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  • | 2/5/2017

    Very solid large onahole

    This isn't really a hip, its hard to use hands free in most situations since the design isn't flat bottom and its not heavy enough. That being said it is one of the best large onaholes on the market. -- Durability is OK -- Internals feel soft, interesting, best part! -- Canal depth isn't that long (but stretchy) -- Hard to clean

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  • | 1/28/2017

    Very Nice Hip for first timers!

    If your interested in hips than I would definintely give this one a go. It was my first hip and i have no regrets. It's pretty sizeable feels nice and has a good weight to it, very nice to feel the weight of the hip while "in use" The fist hole is very stimulating and feels amazing, the ass is great too, slightly tighter and ribbed. The butt on this is a nice plus to and its very nice to hand onto while using. The breasts are the perfect size because flat is best. I would recommend!

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  • | 11/20/2016

    Best purchase I've made so far.

    Alrighty, I'm going to write a review of my experience with the Cocolo after a month of ownership. Can't believe there isn't a review of it already, hope I can help out anybody who might consider purchasing this. So first off, like most people, I started off with normal sized onaholes for a long time, before I wanted to try something new. Of course what better way than a hip/large onahole? I spent weeks and weeks of trying to find something that fit my needs. Wasn't too expensive, the stimulation, the size, the cleaning, everything. After extensive research, the Cocolo was the last one standing. Honorable mentions to the PuniAna and one other hip I couldn't remember. (I still plan on trying the puni ana in the future though). Anyway, I've used the Cocolo a number of times now. It comes in a very big, but well constructed box. Extremely lewd box art. Packaging is done well with a little packet of lube on the inside. (Haven't used it, just my own.) The size of this is big, and HEAVY. Not in the sense where it's hard to use, but compared to what I normally used, it was a whole new experience with such weight. Definitely helped add to the realism. Her little breasts are very soft and the butt is fun to slap as well. The design/structure of the cocolo is where it shines though, very realistic and the details are great. Now the most important part obviously, the pleasure. I first warmed her up with a USB warmer and some of my favorite lube. It was nothing like I've experienced before, I could feel every ridge and bump as I inched deeper and deeper. It wasn't too tight, or was she too loose, just the perfect sensation you'd expect from a "loli". Quite frankly, I couldn't last too long, the first time or my most recent time. Her pussy will squeeze onto your dick and drain every last drop of cum from your balls as you pump her full of your semen. And of course I wouldn't want to forget about her butthole, which is much, much tighter, but the pleasure it unreal. If you ever need something tighter, her butthole will solve any issue you have. I'd also like to mention how soft she is, yet hard enough that you can use her for any position you'd like. I saw the SE version, which I avoided because I didn't want her to flop around on my while in cowgirl or something similar. The only con if I had to say would be cleaning. That is if you don't know how to clean her. It starts off as simply using water and soap like any other onahole and of course to get both the pussy and butthole since it's connected. Now the real issue is the drying part. If you don't know how to dry "deeper" onahole, please, please look online for some tips! There are a few guides online, but I personally like using the microfiber method with papertowels at the end for final check. Honestly though, when you're going to spend 100+, you're going to want to take good care of her. Don't neglect washing and drying and I can assure you she will last a long time. Overall, literally no flaws to this adorable loli onahip. She will eat up your penis like no other onahole. Make sure to take care of her and clean her up properly. Best purchase I've made when it has come to onaholes. Magic eyes has earned +10 from me. Overall 5/5

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