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$236.50 $144.00
(appx. 243.36 )
Electric Powered masturbator by MEN'S MAX
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Ships from Japan
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High quality electronic powered male masturbator

The TRYFUN male masturbator by Mens Max truly starts a new generation of electronic powered masturbators. While usually other models in this price range are of quite low quality, Men's Max has managed to combine the advantages that a high quality electronic powered masturbator brings with a very affordable price. As many similar machines, the TRYFUN has a removable masturbation sleeve on the inside which makes it very easy to clean and rinse it as well as changing it to a new one at any time you want. The TRYFUN has four different modes which all are different from each other in speed and intensity, making every session special and unique. The vacuum it builds up will suck every last drop out of you for sure. Charging the TRYFUN is super easy as it can be done with every USB-C power source. The TRYFUN is the ultimate pleasure giving machine.

The TRYFUN electronic male masturbator by Men's Max features
  • genuine japanese adult toy
  • electric powered male masturbator
  • various settings for speed and intensity
  • removable and washable inner masturbation sleeve
  • chargeable with every USB-C power source
  • total weight of only about 600 Grams

Product Type: Electric Powered masturbator


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