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Umi no Ane #1 Yurufuwa Mermaid

Fantasy Onahole by DNA Japan
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Product Type: Fantasy Onahole, Soft Onahole

Fantasy Mermaid male masturbator

The Umi no Ane #1 Yurufuwa Mermaid onahole by DNA Japan is based on the fantasy of sex with a Mermaid. It comes in a nice light blue color and is made by a very durable and stretchable single layer material. As you can see on the picture, we have four main points on the inside, targeting at the maximum pleasure at every stage. The Umi no Ane #1 Yurufuwa Mermaid onahole is soft and feel very nice in your hand. It is also easy to clean out which is a nice plus. Besides being soft, the surface of the Umi no Ane #1 Yurufuwa Mermaid onahole also is created in a way that does not easily get sticky after washing which is a problem sometimes. DNA Japan has done a great job and this onahole gives you the fresh feeling of the japanese sea. Also, check out her sister, the Umi no Ane #2 Yurufuwa Mermaid onahole which is great for those who love harder onaholes.

Umi no Ane #1 Yurufuwa Mermaid onahole by DNA Japan features
  • Mermaid themed male sex toy
  • Ocean blue in color and made by a durable single layer material
  • Perfect stimulation at any time, thanks to four special points of stimulation
  • onahole weight about 360 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 168x76mm
  • comes with a small pack of lotion


1 Customer Reviews for Umi no Ane #1 Yurufuwa Mermaid

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by Kazuka October 9, 2018
Decent Find

So, I got this with the other Umi no Ane.... More on that one on it's page...

But this version, it's not bad, but it seems like it deteriorates quickly...

After just a few uses, it's got a small rip near the entrance and it's already getting sticky on the outside. definitely a drop in quality given I haven't had this thing that long and it seems like it'll take some work to maintain.

The feeling though.... hard to explain it all. It more or less works you slowly, but feels more intense as you go. Not sure if this is the lube drying up or not, but it will steadily milk you, which isn't bad. But you also can't use too much lube or you won't feel much unless you're sensitive...

speaking of which, this thing is rather big compared to the normal onahole, but it still can't fit me when I go "balls deep". So due to this, I can hit the very back of this if I'm not careful... The material is kinda thin in the back so hopefully I don't poke through the thing....

It is a nice thing being semi-transparent though. And cleanup is a breeze as the onahole can easily take a piece of paper towel in it to dry it out. It also should be able to be flipped inside out, but I wouldn't risk it.

Overall, it sort of balances out into a decent onahole. It's worth getting, but compared to the other version...

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