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Umi no Ane #2 Yurufuwa Mermaid

by DNA Japan
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Fantasy male masturbator

With the Umi no Ane #2 Yurufuwa Mermaid onahole from DNA Japan we have a nice Mermaid themed male masturbator. Blue as the japanese sea, is the Umi no Ane #2 Yurufuwa Mermaid onahole a real eye catcher. Made with durable hard single layer material, is it very soft to hold and touch, with four special points on the inside that will secure an even and intense stimulation at all stages. Easy to clean too, the Umi no Ane #2 Yurufuwa Mermaid onahole has a surface that does not become as sticky as other male sex toys after washing, which is really great. With a super nice artwork on the box, with a nasty Mermaid on it, will the Umi no Ane #2 Yurufuwa Mermaid onahole suck you as dry as it is possible. Also, check out her sister, the Umi no Ane #1 Yurufuwa Mermaid onahole is great for those who love softer onaholes.

The Umi no Ane #2 Yurufuwa Mermaid onahole by DNA features

  • Mermaid themed male sex toy
  • Beautiful ocean blue design
  • durable single layer material
  • onahole weight about 360 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 168x76mm
  • comes with a small pack of lotion

Maker: DNA Japan
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User Reviews

14 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 5/8/2024

    good to try, not to keep

    This was really stimulating and was fun to try and for a while I kept it but didn't find myself coming back after a while. This is a quality toy, maybe it's for you but it was not for me.

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  • | 4/29/2024

    Good quality. Weird feeling

    One of my most rarely used toys. Pros: Good and strong material. Easy to clean. Cons: Lack of pleasant effect, possibly due to tightness It can be loud.

    ... view more
  • | 9/24/2023

    sperm cramp compatible

    There is a chance you will feel a slight pain after knocking her up. Or is this a different species and incompatible? Stimulation, build quality and overall looks are top notch. As long as I can handle her she will get a round of applause in nonstop nut november. She is not for everyone but I highly recommend her.

    ... view more
  • | 7/21/2023

    Extremely conflicted

    I want to love this one, everything about it is great. The issue is a personal one. If you are a little too big for this toy, you will more than likely have not the greatest time. Its just too hard, too tight, and too unforgiving. But this toy is a marker, it had to be made. The people need to understand what the end of the road is. When they can't be satisfied with traditional hardness, or something is still too loose, they need to see what the limit is. What THEIR limit is. This is the limit. After this toy, you will know where you stand.

    ... view more
  • | 4/9/2023

    Awesome time

    This monster girl hole feels great, a real unique sensation with its design. A high recommend

    ... view more
  • | 3/18/2023

    My Favorite onahole

    This onahole is VERY STIMULATING, with all the pointy bumps you can really feel it. The first time I used it I didn't make it past 3 minutes. Its really tight and firm. Because its really tight once you insert yourself to the base it tries to push itself off of you and it helps with the motion. I would highly recommend this onahole to everyone at this price. Some people might have trouble if its too stimulating for them though, you have been waned.

    ... view more
  • | 3/3/2023

    Great value

    This is a really good onahole for a great price. It feels good, has a great tightness, and from the material you can already tell it will last much more longer than other onaholes, plus it is super easy to clean. If I had to say anything bad about it it would be that lub tends to get dry faster than with other onaholes, so you might end up using more on it. Overall, an excellent choice.

    ... view more
  • | 12/25/2022

    One of the Best Mid-Range Onaholes

    This onahole is a tank when it comes to durability. I have been using it for over a year and there is no tear anyway that I can see. I think the only way for it to tear is that your size is too large or you use something sharp to purposely make a tear. When it comes to the feeling, it's an extremely nice and tight sensation. The translucent nature of the onahole may also be a gimmick for some as you can see the action throughout. Overall, this is a good onahole for its price, especially when compared to other onahole in this price range. This onahole will last you for a long time.

    ... view more
  • | 5/16/2021


    Nice texture, will last you a long while.

    ... view more
  • | 2/15/2021

    The Good SUCC

    An excellent hard hole if you like very bold obtrusions (mostly at the entrance and end). Best used with a thicc lube like Onatsuyu Lotion that will somewhat dampen the stimulation (it's far too hard, otherwise). With ample lube, you can create a CRAZY strong vaccum that is worryingly loud when you live with roomates. Feels good normally, but only shines when you use like a vaccum.

    ... view more
  • | 11/25/2020

    Great buy

    To start with the onahole's color is really charming, this ocean blue really got me. Not to mention the monster girl theme ;). The hole itself is really durable and it is a long-term investment. On the other hand before you buy you have to understand that it is a HARD onahole and by that I mean it can destroy your dick and it can only offer you "rough" pleasure. I was really satisfied with this purchase, my only problem was the cleaning. Since it is narrow it can be a bit challenging to reach the end of it.

    ... view more
  • | 9/6/2019


    The hardest onahole I've ever tried. I've had this toy for around 5~6 months and it still looks new. It's pretty much in mint condition. I feel like when all civilization ends my onahole will still be shining in some drawer in my room, waiting for a post-civilization scavenger to find it. The sensation you get from this onahole is intense. It can be overwhelming at times but in a good way. Just don't get stingy with the lube. As a downside you can't flip it inside out (maybe you do but I'm too afraid it'll explode if I try) so cleaning it can be a little more difficult than expected but nothing that complicated.

    ... view more
  • | 2/3/2019

    Hard and ruthless

    Maybe I am sensitive but this one is very hard which has advantages and disadvantages aswell for example due to its denseness it stays on you without a problem and has a great suction but if you are more the sensitive type it could over stimulate you and it can became uncomfortable. If you are looking for some rough action this one is a great buy. Can't wait to try out her sister.

    ... view more
  • | 10/9/2018

    Great buy! Quite worth it!

    So I got this with the other version of Umi no Ane.... I got my thoughts on that on it's page.... But this version... Oh man is it good.... First off, it's quite durable. This is because it feels like a "hard" onahole (with the other version feeling normal or even soft...). If you don't like intensity or are too sensitive, turn away now. But this thing is also tight, yet big. While it takes a bit to go all the way in for my case, it still can accommodate that well, with a more intense feeling in it's deepest spot. Imagine someone holding onto you tight and not trying to let go so easy.... That's what you'll get from this. Provided you aren't lubed too much or you'll get resistance... You can even use a lot of lube and still feel this thing too, but it does get noisy. Best results is to have just enough lube and thrust into the thing to get the best feeling and the least noise... And due to the durability, you can clean this easy, even flip it inside out. it's also taking quite a few uses, so it won't get sticky for a while. All in all, quite a good onahole. If you want intensity or something worth it's price, here you go. But as for the other version....

    ... view more
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