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Virgin Age Graduation

by Toys Heart
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Virgin male masturbator

The Age Graduation onahole. This beautiful girl has just graduated from college and she's been saving herself all this time for the right guy to come along. That just so happens to be you! This fantastic virgin onahole from Toys Heart is a dual layer product. The material is soft and gentle on the outside, but the inner tunnel is a hard and punishing build. Get ready for an overload of crushing stimulation. Thick ribs and spirals await, and then the end chamber is literally so narrow it feels like you're breaking through her hymen. Every time! The Virgin Age Graduation male masturbator is a must have for Virgin lovers.

The Virgin Age Graduation onahole from Toys Heart features

  • Virgin male sex toy
  • made by Toys Heart
  • realistic dual layer male masturbator
  • onahole weight about 330 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 150x123x75mm
  • comes with a small pack of lotion

Maker: Toys HeartProduct Type: 90
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User Reviews

13 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 1/26/2019

    Good price with good quality

    The price for virgin graduation is relatively cheaper in comparison with other brand such as NPG, PPP. But I was impressed by the feeling. When I first use it, it feels amazing. It is heavy and tight. So if you are a big fan of HAlso another good thing about this product is it is very easy to clean.

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  • | 12/23/2018

    Graduation Day

    As the Graduation is bigger than the Admission, the tightness factor is going to be different. As the Admission was more like a vicegrip, Graduation is more like a stubborn hugger. A fine hole for larger than average dicks. Holds up quite well, but is susceptible for outer damage so it may end up looking "externally unpleasant" after a good while.

    ... view more
  • | 9/17/2018

    Not too bad

    Honestly this is a good onahole, not great but good. The quality is good and holds up after some punishment but the feeling is a bit too soft so you have to really clamp down on your member to feel it.

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  • | 8/5/2018


    Pros: Good (but not great) stimulation Cons: Good (but not great) stimulation The "admission" and the "admission hard" are far superior to this version. I would not purchase again but I don't regret buying it to try it out.

    ... view more
  • | 4/20/2018

    It is firm, tight and ribbed.

    Special feature: none Cleaning: 1,0 ★ no cavities Durability: 1,5 ★ no changes after about 10 uses Feeling: 1,5 ★ firm material, tight, much ribs Extras: 0,5 ★ nice box print, lubricant included Sum: 4,5 ★ ★★★★★ My opinion: The onahole comes with a phial of lubricant. I like it very much. The onahole's smell is barely noticeable. The opening is not very tight and when used the onahole leaks a small amount of lubricant. The tunnel is ribbed and gets tighter and tighter the farer it is entered. The firm material and the pressure leads to very high stimulation. My summary: A very nice onahole, because it is firm, tight and ribbed. My summing: ★★★★★

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  • | 2/8/2018

    A bit too smooth

    It's a great starter onahole, but the interior is too smooth for me, which took off most of the sensation on the penis shaft. The outer material is soft and durable, as with other Toysheart products, but if you're into mild stimulation or if you have a sensitive shaft, this is for you.

    ... view more
  • | 2/6/2018

    prefer admission over this

    This is a dual layer onahole which has a spiral looser feel with a narrow gap of wall towards the end the toy. This toy comes with a small bottle of generic lube. This toy is less tight than virgin age admission which still does push you out when you use it if without enough energy applied to forcing yourself in with it. The outer material and structure is pretty solid and rigid and will allow the inner cavity to stay back in shape due to the resilient design and material choice. You won't go wrong with this choice no matter what.

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  • | 10/10/2017

    Fantastic onahole.

    Gets all five stars from me. + Superb design. The inner layer is not so much just a layer (as with most onaholes) but rather a very solid block/chunk. I've had mine for a good while and it is still as intact as the day I bought her. Wish more onaholes used this method. + Feels extremely nice to use and has a cute loli mascot. - Like most onaholes she is a bit on the short side for non-Japanese users so I can't enter her fully and end up bumping the end a lot.

    ... view more
  • | 8/12/2017

    Nice onahole

    Very good onahole but it smells a little bit

    ... view more
  • | 7/24/2017

    Not disappointed

    I've been looking for a good "smaller" onahole and this is the one that seemed to have the best value. It has good suction, enough length and when you start to near orgasm the back of the onahole really hits the spot. It would be 5 star on quality if there was something truly amazing about this onahole but for what it is, it's pretty great.

    ... view more
  • | 5/20/2017

    Decent gimmick for the virgin fetish

    Had really high expectations for this onahole as I've read so many reviews that praised it, but I was quite disappointed with this. The stimulation was quite minimal compared to other onaholes that I've tried, and the end of the onahole did not really appeal to me(the end of the onahole is the selling point here). Though I must say that it is very durable and that it is nicely sculpted, as I really liked the "ass" that the onahole has. It is also very comfy to hold, and even though its a dual layer, its still in a great condition. I would recommend using an onahole warmer if you really want to get this.

    ... view more
  • | 10/26/2016

    The slightly mature loli

    I have both VAA and VA Graduation and I would say they're similar, but Graduation is somewhat milder but makes great for longer plays. The VA series don't do much in simulating your shaft but will give you pretty good orgasms from your glans alone.

    ... view more
  • | 9/9/2016

    Spiral Upgrade

    It's a bigger version virgin age admission but it hasn't lost it's renown tightness, infact some might say it's gone from bullying your dick to acceptably tight, although as I jumped straight to graduation I can't make direct comparisons. Just like it's smaller "sister" it still has a tiny segment at the back of the onahole that almost makes it bounce back off your penis while using it. while I'll admit it's a bit of a fun gimmick during masturbation, it does make using a USB onahole warmer a royal pain in the ass unless you want to hold it in for 10-15 mins What really differentiates this onahole from admission, and even other larger hole upgrades, is that toys heart have redone the interior to have a spiral structure, and boy as we all know, spiral energy is far better than the usual tosh. This provides some great simulation along with it's tightness, although I would prefer some suction or a larger nub instead of it tiny back area. Virgin age is built to last, it's external design may be a touch lacking, but it's nicely rounded and it's lips are some of the most convincing I've seen.

    ... view more
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