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Virgin Bride

by maccos Japan
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Virgin themed Male Masturbator

This bride has saved herself just for you so you can enjoy popping her cherry any time you want. With the Virgin Bride Onahole by maccos Japan, you get to experience the pleasures of taking a sexy Japanese girl's virginity on her wedding night. With cute pussy lips at the entrance to her tight tunnel, a virginal hymen inside, and a complex meandering tunnel lined with various textures and protrusions, this pocket pussy is one of the best virgin-themed toys available with superb stimulation. It also comes in a beautifully designed box with an anime-style illustration of the sexy virgin bride that will certainly get you in the mood.

The Virgin Bride Onahole Features:

  • Male Masturbator by maccos Japan
  • Virgin Bride Theme
  • Tight & Stimulating Tunnel
  • Inner Hymen & Virgin Inspired Structure
  • Complimentary Lubricant Included
  • Weight: 490 Grams
  • Dimensions: 160 x 85 x 80 mm

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Maker: maccos Japan
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User Reviews

2 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 4/3/2021

    was good could be better tho

    So it was incredible and fcking amazing . Tho outside looked kinda gross with these ugly loose pussy lips beh. Besides that, the entrance was damm fcking extremly tight so eh i pushed the lube bottle opening in and then squeezed lube out to fill it xD. So to the insides: it was eh, well unique without a patern really or like i wasnt able to make one out . First there was slightly after the entrance bottom and a bit away from the end on top a big chunk kinda bulb thing .(well it was more near the middle than at the beginning) And a ridge after that and before that . But they werent a ring shaped form like usually in onaholes, more like going there to the top or bottom(the area they werent ) in a straight forward arranged sense like a 0 or half 8 i guess, not sure how to desceribe it xD . For beeing a virgin themed onahole pussy i think it was pretty fcking loose man . I mean it wasnt really, but should have been tighter man. It Was like a normal pussy tightness if ya ask me, not that really virgin or extra tight like. It wasnt really loose but could have been tighter tbh. But then again i specially always pick and look out the tightest possible xD. i mean no one wants a streched out bend out riped apart teared wide open pussy cunt right? XD the tighter the better xD. That beside it wasnt soft but it was a bit softer like the normal average medium hardness onahole, like it was a bit softer but not really a soft onahole, still the medium but slightly shofter. like if from soft 1 to hardest 5, it would be a 2 and not medium 2.5 to describe it best. Had a little womb at the end i think, but didnt really felt it much, especially didnt feel a cervix penetration really q.q D: . Besides that, then i shoved my dick in i asked myself kinda : is that how a real pussy feels like? Well i cant tell, i only can compare with other onaholes at best xD. But yeah would recommend using a lot of lube with that so not to less, if you use more its not a problem, probably even better xD. better more to much than to less xD . So well i would rate it 8-8.5 /10 bcs it felt fcking awesome

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  • | 12/31/2020


    The gimmick is a huge turnon but short lived. The onahole itself is tight and stimulating; The price could be a bit lower. Altogether, it's a pretty good onahole.

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