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Wife Tights Masturbation Set

by 072LABO
Brand 072LABO
This amazing masturbation set is for all of you who enjoy stockings and a nice footjob. With this set, your fapping session will turn into a realistic simulation of a real footjob with stockings. Comes with scented lotion and downloadable audio files for the ultimate fantasy. This is the Wife Set.
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User Reviews

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  • | 1/2/2021

    Interesting design but lacking

    As described it's a pair of stockings. It's long enough to cover most of the arm, however you probably won't be able to go that far while still being practical; It's essentially a pair of pantyhose that's long enough for the arm, but is held back by the fact it's two parts connected. So in the end you have the option to use only one hand with the other half just there or use two hands but be restrained in movement lest you rip it in two. So while the material itself is solid, the design could have been better. Remember that this is a product intended for the Japanese market, so while there's 1:32:24 of audio you can listen to, it's in Japanese. Overall while the quality is there the value and price are not worth it. So if you do plan on buying it, buy it while it's on sale.

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  • | 4/25/2019

    Exactly what was promised

    If you’re buying this for the smell, don’t bother. It’s more of a perfume than a smelly odor. But if idea of getting off with tights is erotic to you then by all means buy it.

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