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Ubujiru Aroma Rose Lotion

Lotion by Magic Eyes

Rose scented lube

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  • Maker: Magic Eyes
  • Product Type: Lotion


This is a rose scented version of the excellent Ubujiru Lotion (we also have the regular version for sale). Ubujiru doesn't just sound like a cool early 90s anime series, it actually translates to 'pure & innocent'. This sums up Ubujiru Lotion perfectly, as the lube has been created to be as hassle free as possible. Easy to get out of the bottle, simple to apply, long lasting and a breeze to clean when you're done. No stress here! Suitable for any onahole available on otonaJP. Grab a bottle today and masturbating just got even easier. Made by Magic Eyes.

The Ubujiru Aroma Rose Lotion by Magic Eyes features
  • high quality rose scented lube from Japan
  • perfect for every male masturbator or to spice up your love life with your partner
  • Volume 370ml


5 Customer Reviews for Ubujiru Aroma Rose Lotion

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by Borja Moisés March 13, 2019

- Good texture, just the right viscosity.
- Nice strawberry scent, subtle and delicate.
- Last long, easy to wash, does not leave stains.

by OnaniMaster December 21, 2018
Not Strawberry

I mostly got this with the Ritopuri because a certain reviewer said it would go well with it, considering the loli art and the strawberry scent.
It does not smell like strawberries.
Similar bottle and performance to Onatsuyu. Smells sweet, but not super nice. Pretty okay lube.

by Goshujin-sama November 7, 2018
My personal favourite.

Perfect consistency reminiscent of the famously excellent Peepee-series/brand. Long-lasting and delightfully scented with moderation - it is not overpowering (as if it was a perfume) but just a slight background whiff. Enormous bottle at an excellent price.

Finally it is all wrapped up with an adorable label of a cute loli mascot. 10/10.

by western user August 2, 2018
Ubujiru Aroma Rose Lotion

The rose aroma is pleasant enough and does not overpower the room with it's scent. Don't need but a drop (big spout) Will last a moderate session before needing re-applying

Great product and value for money.

by SeedmonsterX February 22, 2018
Love the rose scented lube

This bottle of lube is quite large. It is sticky, doesn't dry fast and is not too viscous. Love the rose scent that it comes with. A worthy competitor against Onatsuyu lotion

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