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20 Days Warm Semen Lotion 200ml

Lotion by Peach Toys
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Product Type: Lotion

Lotion that creates the the image of Sperm being collected for 20 days

Available on otonaJP since: 2017 December 7
Volume: 200ml


2 Customer Reviews for 20 Days Warm Semen Lotion 200ml

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by Jess February 1, 2020

It's smelly alright! I was hoping for a more bleachy/chlorine smell over the sour/slight sweet smell that the other cum scented lube has, this one amps it up x100 on the pungent sour smell, you can also smell just a tiny hint of urine, putting a little on a pair of boxers and letting it sit for a bit and the smell gets even more...smelly. This is not for the weak and you will need to wash the smell out if you rub some on briefs, boxers or any clothing. I do like how slimy it feels though, but damn you better be ready for the smell!

by Jay March 7, 2018

Wow this lube is definitely one of the smellier ones out there. In terms of similarity to semen, I can’t say. But the color is very dark yellow almost green. Overall an interesting lube and concept

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