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50 Bottles of Lotion Powder

Lotion by Magic Eyes

Get 50 bottles worth of lube

The original List Price of the 50 Bottles of Lotion Powder is: $17.64. With us, you save $9.43 (54%) on the original Manufacturers suggested Retail Price!

  • Maker: Magic Eyes
  • Product Type: Lotion


With the 50 Bottles of Lotion Powder by Magic Eyes you get exactly what the name indicates, 50 360ml bottles worth of lotion. By that not only you can make your lube yourself whenever you run out of it but also adjust the lotion to your needs. The 50 bottles Magic Eyes is promising you is for a regular thick lotion. You like it thicker ? Simply add more powder or less to perfectly make the lube you feel best and most comfortable with. Not only do you save much by not having to buy countless bottles of lotion, also lots of shipping costs can be saved here for the relatively heavy lotion bottles. The 50 Bottles of Lotion Powder is perfect for any needs and will last you for years of regular use.

The 50 Bottles of Lotion Powder by Magic Eyes features
  • get 18 liters worth of regular lotion with this little magic powder bottle
  • genuine japanese product by Magic Eyes
  • thickness of lotion can be adjusted to your needs by adding less or more powder
  • Volume 100 Grams


7 Customer Reviews for 50 Bottles of Lotion Powder

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by Philipp July 5, 2019
Huge amount for little money

The Product itself is awesome. You get a crazy amount of lube for cheap. It takes a while to mix with water, but it´s totally worth it. It smells like nothing after mixing it, but while making it and if it has long air contact, it starts to smell kinda strange, what I don´t like about it.
This is sad, because this powder would be perfect without this smell (you´ll never encounter this smell if you clean your onahole directly after using it).
I use this perfume (https://www.otonajp.com/scent-of-a-school-girls-uniform) to give it a scent, and it works really well.

by NAVIN March 10, 2019
Great product

The thing is there is no explanation on how to use it in english but i manage to figure it out what the best way to make your own lotion using this product.

Here is my personal guide.

I have a 120 ml lotion bottle which i use to measure the water and pour in a mug or jar.

I microwave it for 1 minute to make sure the water is hot. Very important since cold water makes the powder instantly coagulate and doesn't mix well.

Next it add the powder a bit and start beating the water with my fork. Do not pour all the powder at once since it will coagulate into a lump and take very long time to dissolve.

I basically pour a pinch and start beating the water for about 10 - 15 seconds and repeat for at least 10 times until i can see the consistency it becoming like a lotion.

Do no pour a lot. It doesn't get very thick but it suppose to be like a runny lotion. Once the lotion gets warm, i just pour it into the lotion bottle. U will see a lot of bubbles after making a fresh batch. After few hours the lotion settles down there will be no bubbles.

It is recommended the give the lotion 3 to 4 hours period to settle before use. Since the content of the powder will slowly and gradually diffuse and reach equilibrium.

by VeeVeeVee January 10, 2019
Great Buy

Great buy. Let's you customise your lube thickness too. I like thin lube, which is the best with this, since I can see myself getting at least 40 bottles out of this.

by Science December 2, 2018
Great for its customizable viscosity.

Just wanted to mention that a strainer is recommended to smooth out lumps. You'll also require 1 or 2 measuring cups/bowls. Still undecided about the hot or cold water part, but I'd agree that the powder takes a long time to fully absorb water (regardless of how much you stir it). Through my experience, trying to make thicker lube, it's not going to be crystal clear like the pre-made stuff. But it's well worth the money.

by Lewd Snake November 27, 2018
Great value but 50 bottles is an exagerration unless you like your lube super thin

The instructions seem to say 2 grams of powder per 360ml of water but it looks extremely runny (thought still functional as lube) if you follow that formulae. I went with around 8 grams (around 2 teaspoons) worth of powder to get the same consistency as most "normal" type lotions. Also it dissolves very slowly, and depending on the amount of powder you put, might take up to 2+ hours (from my tests) to completely dissolve everything. Still, great value for it's cost as you can make around 20 to 50 bottles of lube depending on how thin or thick you prefer your lube is.

by Bonerinfield November 24, 2018
Nice feeling, crazy amount

You may have seen reviews about it, let's roll mine.

As you can imagine, you are going to have a great amount of lube with these.

The more you put power, the more sticky the lube will be.

I heard it doesn't have any smell ; it's true. But it's a good new in fact : you can add any flavour you want in the recipe.

Trust me, it's going to be a looong ride with these.

by M October 14, 2018

It is amazing how much lotion you can create with this, it's well worth the price. However it obviously doesn't have any scent to it so you would want to look for something else if that is what you want but if you don't mind there being no scent then it is a must buy.

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