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Hentai Onahole by Toys Heart
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Product Type: Hentai Onahole

Stalking Girl male masturbator

The Yandere onahole by Toys Heart is based on an obsessed girl. She is obsessed with you. She can not stand a minute without you and stalks and calls you wherever you are. Yandere is the term for that in Japanese and Toys Heart has executed that fantasy perfectly with the Yandere onahole. It comes in a shocking dark red color and is made of a super durable and stretchable single layer material. On the inside we have all those ribs and suction cups which are ending in a big vacuum chamber which will drive you crazy. Imagine it as the Yandere girl holding you tight cause she never wanna let go of you, making the vacuum strong until she has sucked you dry till the last drop. Simply there is no way you won't love the Yandere Onahole.

The Yandere onahole by Toys Heart features
  • male sex toy based on a girl being obsessed with you
  • durable and stretchable single layer material
  • made by Toys Heart
  • onahole weight about 300 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 150x75mm
  • comes with a small pack of lotion


10 Customer Reviews for Yandere

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by Mr. Dominoes May 13, 2020
This Yandere will suck you dry...

I'm a first time onahole buyer, and this one had caught my attention just by looking at the structure of the hole through the pictures. So lets run down my experience with this hole.

First thing's first, the onahole is exactly as its advertised. Short, smooth, and soft. The blood red color adds to the aesthetic of the yandere theme, which makes it easier to identify amongst the rest. The material feels fairly rubbery and is thick on the outside, making it really easy to grip.

Next, the stimulation. This hole will not be too great unless you know how to vacuum it. All the room inside is made specifically so you can use this hole's vacuum chambers, which is where the Yandere hole really shines. Once you hit your first climax, you keep on going. This is a hole that works wonders if you're capable of back-to-back sessions. This hole's vacuum will literally suck you dry, and you'll feel so ecstatic.

Cleaning the hole is pretty easy, since its very spacious inside. You can turn the hole inside out to do a thorough cleaning, but you risk tearing the entrance since this hole is very cheaply made.

Overall, the Yandere onahole is alright. I got this on sale for $22, and I can say for sure IT IS NOT WORTH $57. This is a hole you'd want to get on sale.

by Liam Y. August 6, 2019
The aftermath is where it's at

This onahole piqued my interest In terms of presentation and theme, but failed to deliver during its usage.

The ribs and suction cups lining the inside provide some sensation, but not enough to be pleasurable.
The vacuum chambers do work as advertised, but it's most effective after an initial release, so I would only recommend this to those who are capable of back-to-back sessions. The chambers does provide a bit more hassle when it comes to cleaning, but that's a minor issue. It's also not that durable for its price; it split near the opening after a couple uses, which has affected performance.

Overall, this product is gimmicky and not suited for everyone, but the art is great. I say try it for yourself.

by V June 19, 2019
It's alright

Overall the product is pretty nice when it works. Maybe a bit roomy inside, although that's meant to create vacuum - I get that. Overall the material feels very rubbery, not like your usual onaholes. It's hard to describe. Also moderately fragile, starts splitting open pretty early, losing some of that vacuum potential. A little pricey for what you get.

by R October 19, 2018
Great Product

The vacuum on this product is great, the suction cup section is the best in my opinion. Need to be mindful and not go too rough while using and cleaning though, it's not the most durable out there, feels amazing though, worth it for the price.

by Pat August 12, 2018
A great-feeling onahole, but doesn't seem to be durable

The little "suction cups" toward the end feel fantastic along with the vacuum effect.
The only problem is that the entrance tore pretty fast, so I'm worried about how long the onahole will last before the insides tear as well.

by Jim July 23, 2018
It's as good as you think it is

If you're at all into the whole Yandere thing, then you should definitely get this one. It feels amazing and will leave you drained. The perfect toy to go with your psycho waifu fantasies.

by Steven July 15, 2018
Very Worth While

There's a unique feeling with the vacuum being tighter than the toy itself. It is a bit loose and the entrance is prone to tearing is you're abusive, but those insides (mainly the cervix) are really something.

by Alessandro March 30, 2018
Supreme Vacuum

This onahole has bigger than average dimensionds that allow for a giant vacuum chamber and a long spiral with nubs for the tip. The vacuum effect is one of the strongest yet and the stimulation is very powerful. It also comes with a 50 ml bottle of decent quality sticky lube good for quite a lot of uses. Buy it!

by emem March 14, 2018
awesome product

ToysHeart brings out yet another awesome product. Honestly, I think they really outdid themselves with creating the onahole equivalent to sticking your dick in crazy, because I didn't know what to truly expect, and much like yandere tend to be, they've got tricks up their sleeve despite their tame appearance. This girl tried to murder my unit, and I'm just fine with that.

First detail: blood-engorged, reddish/purple exterior. Like a girl completely obsessed to the point of madness with you. You won't confuse this hole with any other. There aren't any others... ARE THERE?!?!?

Despite a resemblance to Virgin Age: Admission, she is of good size and very easy to get into. Included in the package is the typical bottle of Moisty lube, which works very, very well. I think an onahole like this is best enjoyed with a lightweight lotion so you can really feel everything going on in there.

She won't fight you at all to let you in and explore her wonders, and there's plenty of those in store. The sensations inside are fantastic. ToysHeart wanted to illustrate the chaotic nature of the yandere (crazy bitch, in case you didn't figure that out yet). Just when you get used to one type of stimulation, she flips to murderously aggressive, and back and forth...

Material this soft leads me to once again ponder as to whether it will last for a long time, but I can definitely say that first session with her was a mind-blowing success. I'm in love with Fine Cross material now. Soft, yet very firm, and an insane amount of suction from a very squishy, nicely contoured uterine chamber. Once you're in, she's not going to let you go without a fight.

Supreme suction means very little mess -- after all, she can't let others know of her psychotic rampages, right? Cleaning is actually a breeze. No need to even think of turning her inside out, although if you want, single layer lends itself well. Unnecessary, though.

Any complaints... perhaps one. She's just a slight bit too short -- I found myself pounding the back of her uterus fairly frequently. If you're over 6", that's going to happen. Not a big deal at all.

Overall, this offering is fantastic, keeping ToysHeart as my personal favorite onahole manufacturer. I love that they cater to the interests of anime fans so well, and I hope they keep it up. Hopefully they'll have a good tsundere in store for the future. ;)

by Luis March 2, 2018
Great Buy

This onahole is one of the better ones. Great quality and price so it's a good buy. The art is nice really captures the design of a yandere type girl. As for the onahole itself it's a pretty nice size as in not too big or not too small. Great sensation and feel and the cervix like end of the tunnel has a nice suction. The only issue I've encountered with this onahole is that it did develop a tear in the entrance after using it a few times but I will give it the benefit of the doubt as I am quite girthy so it might not give others the same issue. So overall, this is a good buy and this product should be taken into consideration.

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