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Akari Chan no Oshiri (Akaris Butt)

Hentai Onahole by TM Anime Goods
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Product Type: Hentai Onahole, Hip Onahole, School Girl Onahole

Huge Hentai Hip male masturbator

The Akari Chan no Oshiri (Akaris Butt) male masturbator is the most incredible Hip Onahole we have ever seen. Based on the Hentai Anime Yareruko Densha Ecchi, this is actually much more than a Hip. It is a nearly life size Ass, with two amazingly realistic Holes. The weight, texture and size of the Akari Chan no Oshiri onahole are making this experience scary real to a level that will drive you crazy. Her pussy is so beautiful real, her Anal hole so nicely tight. On the inside we have a dual layer structure with lots of different stimulations that will feel different depending on the angle you enter her. This life like experience you have with this onahole just never gets old. TM Anime Goods has created something that is unmatched and not only for fans of the Anime is the Akari Chan no Oshiri onahole the best choice when it comes to life like Hips.

The Akari Chan no Oshiri onahole by TM Anime Goods features
  • life like Hip male masturbator
  • two ultra realistic holes for penetration - Vagina and Anal
  • based on the popular Hentai Anime Yareruko Densha Ecchi
  • onahole weight about 8400 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 315x320x155
  • comes with a small pack of lotion


6 Customer Reviews for Akari Chan no Oshiri (Akaris Butt)

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by Aiden February 2, 2020
Finally, some good fucking ass.

Sometimes you just gotta nut and this'll more than get the job done. Mind you this gal is hefty in both fiscal and physical sense but we'll worth the hit to both your wallet and you back (do not try to free hand this bad girl you'll definitely hurt yourself).

The color and shape is nice, there's no pungent odor coming from the material, the weight let's you focus on slamming away, and the softness let's you get a good firm grip on that squishy ass.

The obvious downsides being few but noteworthy. Cumbersome, it was very hard to get out of the box because of how squishy and wobbly it is. Clean up is a (necessary) chore so I don't think this is something you'd be able to hide from anyone. When I first took it out of the box it had a somewhat oily feel to it and left a stain on my sheets. And finally storage, if you don't have the box... Good luck otherwise the box itself is hefty and would probably need to be shoved into the back of a closet for safe keeping.

Alternatively, I would recommend the Minami Huge Ass by KMP if this one seems like it would be too soft for your liking.

by Steam November 7, 2019
Expensive but worth it

Tried out lots of different kind of toys in recent years. Be it the tenga flip holes, or other onaholes you can easily hold in your hand, but recently I decided to try out something entirely new. To not take away anyone's mood from trying this one out, let's start with the pros:
- Given it's eight weight and dimensions, you can grab it, and pound away. Grabbing it, holding it, and generally doing your own movement (instead of moving the toy) makes it feel like you actually doing it. There also isn't any danger of it to move around because of the pounding, because of it's weight.
- The insides are superb. For me personally, some other toys gave more problems than pleasure, but with this one you will not gonna find these. With an onahole warmer and some good lube, you can get a really closer feel to the real thing.
- Because it's a hip, and heavy, you can do things with it what's impossible with other toys. You can even put it into your need bed and just give to it from behind, and can get a completely different experience than with the other toys.
- The holes are deep enough, so no more problems of running out fitting space.
- Heavy and big, it's pretty much unhideable, so if you not living alone it's really hard to use, I can presume. I give this to the fact that using it is one thing, but cleaning needs you to take it to three bathroom, which can be tricky.
- Continuing from the previorous point, this one needs extensive care, both inside and outside. For me, cleaning takes around 15 mins, and you also need some stuff to properly care for it. Cleaning powder for outside, and onahole cleaner fluid for the inside. Given the holes are really deep and it's an expensive toy, you kinda need these as a minimum care package. There is also three option to use rubber and not finish in the toy, but that takes away most of the fun. Apart from all of these, you also have to put it somewhere top dry.
- Not the kind of "just get out from the drawer and use" kind. You need space and some prepping to use it.
If you live alone, and have the money, and patience for it to use and care for it, then i highly recommend this one. It's a special experience

by Franck September 15, 2018
A Real Experience for a Great Price

Hello Guys <3,

Im using this toys since 6 Months (maybe more) and I really enjoy it !!!
I can spend easyli two hours with it and have fun without getting bored.

The feeling with this toy is Amazing and really close to real experience with a Woman.

But you should be warned that this toy is very big and really heavy !!!!!

I think for now is the heavier toy that i've got ... but It's a part of the "Real Experience"

In conclusion , This toy is a good quality , huge , heavy and large !!!! (10 KG <3)

This product is worth the price to pay largely!

by Tonydiediedie July 14, 2018
Amazing size and a must have if youre a hardcore HIP fan!

When it came to my house i was amazed at how HUGE it was, i spend thousands of dollars on onaholes, and hip onaholes but this is the first time im amazed at the box.

It weighs close to 9 pounds, and i just love the artwork on the box.
It feels amazing, i love doing a hard pound and it takes the damage, its strong and sturdy and it seriously feels amazing. The dimensions are just insane, i love the anal tunnel as well. Seriously, just add some musky female mature sweat or student lotion and i garantuee you wont last more than 8 minutes.


Its heavy so its hard to put away in a discrete area, plus its hard to clean, you gotta clean it thoroughly, otherwise you risk molding, but other than that, thats the only faults it has.

THIS IS A MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!

by zenra March 31, 2018
Solid fun

Great weight to it and looks amazing. Recommend for a large toy that can take a pounding.
Drawback is moving it around between use/cleaning. Because of it's shape, weight and texture it is hard to get a sturdy hold on it so have dropped it a few times, no harm done but still a little annoying.

by mangaka92 March 20, 2018
One of my favorite toys

-It's 8.4 kg, so it has a good weight to it.
-Visually, it looks fantastic and visually appealing. Even the skin tone is quite nice and isn't horrendously unnatural or anything. Even the lips and butt-hole look appealing
-This thing is as soft as you're hoping it will be. It's firm enough that it won't just fall apart, but you can sink your fingers into it. It almost feels more like an oppai toy than a rear.
-The size is quite nice. While I'd always be okay with something bigger, it's a good size with plenty to hold onto. I'd say that it's probably pretty close to an average young adult female, but with a good amount of cushion to it.
-The box is also pretty sturdy, the toy is fairly easy to access, and the plastic casing its in makes it good storage for after use and won't feel like a pain to use when you want to put it away.

- The only "sort of" con is that the stimulation isn't incredibly high. However, the anus has a few really pronounced bumps inside of it towards the top of the toy inside the whole which is nice. Even then, however, there isn't a ton of stimulation, but there's still a bit. However, being able to grab hold of it and even just looking at it, makes up for that and it's still fun to use.
-It's also really easy for it to absorb colors from fabrics, so be careful not to let anything colored rest on it. It absorbs really easily.

Overall, this is quite possibly the best toy I've ever used, and I've used several including the Real Body Julia. Granted, I'm not giving it such a great review simply because of stimulation, but because of everything else that it excels at. The only toy that I own that I might still enjoy more is the Busty Ai-chan, but as far as onahole/hips go, this is by far my favorite that I've tried. I have no complaints or regrets with my purchase.

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