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Atakai Onahole Warmer



    Heat up your onahole, hip o rthe hole of your sex doll with this high quality USB onahole warmer by PPP. Its not only heating your favourite adult toy, it is also glowing, spreading a very warm light. Simply plug it into any USB port and warm your hole up for the action to come.

    • Available on otonaJP since: 2015 September 15
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    3 Customer Reviews for Atakai Onahole Warmer

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    by Blucia February 20, 2019
    Bit expensive for the quality

    Does it's job but could be a bit cheaper considering the quality is not so great. Cable is short but usable.

    by Brandon October 23, 2017
    Average Warmer for an Average Price

    This was the first onahole warmer that I got and I was stoked to finally be able to heat my onaholes for a warm and new experience. Opening out of the box, I was shocked at how short the cable was and the simplicity of the warmer.

    While yes, I can understand that the old warmers may have their faults, I don't see why the cable is so short instead of being longer. The warmer device itself is average in state so from what I can see, it's just average warmer for an average price, but a huge downside is the very short cable.

    by gab August 19, 2017
    to expensive

    The cable is very short compared to other similar products.

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