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Campus Life Onahole (Tidy Type)

Hentai Onahole by Toys Heart

Young japanese girl masturbator

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  • Maker: Toys Heart
  • Product Type: Hentai Onahole, Single Layer Onahole


On the outside she may look shy and reserved, but this tidy senior student really lets out her wild side in bed ! Campus Life Onahole (Tidy Type) from Toys Heart is a slightly easier tunnel than the Athlete Type. Littered with heavy bumps, this onahole will gently massage your head within its narrow walls before twisting slighty near the end forming an extra tight section to thrust past. You'll be rewarded with a large vacuum chamber covered in even more bumps and nubs as it pulls and sucks your glans with each motion, working your entire shaft until your study session comes to an explosive end. Like Athlete Type, this onahole is made with Toys Heart famous 'Fresh Skin' material keeping away any unwanted smells.

The Campus Life Onahole (Tidy Type) from Toys Heart feeatures
  • Genuine japanese masturbator from Toys Heart Japan
  • Single layer design
  • weight about 284 Grams
  • Item dimensions about 165x70x140mm
  • comes with a free sample lotion


1 Customer Reviews for Campus Life Onahole (Tidy Type)

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by xscaralienx August 22, 2016
Good stimulation, Expected quality issues

The safe skin material gives this ona a really good feel to the touch.
The labia at the entrance can turn some people off but they help as a way to guide yourself into her tiny miniscule hole.

Said hole requires you to be 100% hard if you hope to penetrate and stay within this hole (unless your member is really, really thin). That being said, there are constant reports of the entrance beginning to tear vertically after the first/few uses, a common problem encountered in the Campus Life line from Toys Heart.

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