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Toy´s Heart Lotion Hard

Toy´s Heart Lotion Hard

Lotion by Toys Heart
High quality lotion from Toys Heart - perfect for every male masturbator
Brand Toys Heart
Product Type Lotion
A very special natural enhancement lube from Toys Heart. The Toy's Heart Lotion is specially designed to increase libido and maintain stronger and longer-lasting erections. Using a mix of natural ingredients such as black turmeric and black ginger, this effect has traditionally been called a 'aphrodisiac super stimulant', and now it's contained in a bottle of lotion. This is the Hard version of the lube for a thicker level of consistency, suitable for any onahole or sex toy on our shop.

The Toy´s Heart Lotion Hard features
  • High quality lotion
  • perfect for every male masturbator or onahole
  • made by Toys Heart
  • 300ml Volume
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User Reviews

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  • | 8/10/2018


    I had been searching for a lotion of this viscosity and now I have found it. great experience

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  • | 2/21/2018

    A great buy!

    This would be my second choice of lube to buy (1st would be onatsuyu). This lubricant has a good volume of 300ml and the best thing is that it's thick, meaning that you could always alter its viscosity by simply diluting it with some water (If you prefer a thinner viscosity, I recommend you to buy the thinner ones 'cause adding water will alter its duration to stay moist slightly) Personally I like this viscosity as it provides optimal comfort, especially for extremely stimulating onaholes

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  • | 1/12/2018

    Excellent lotion

    This is an excellent lotion to use with your onahole. It's have the right viscosity to make more comfortable the penetration and give you an excellent experience. Also, its size garantize a long duration of the product. I fully recommend it!

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