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Innocent Younger Sister

$66.66 $39.39
(appx. 65.91 )
Hentai Onahole by Toys Heart
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Ships from Japan
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Young Girl Hentai male sex toy

An absolute classic from Toys Heart which remains one of their best selling and most famous onaholes ever made, the Innocent Younger Sister onahole features incredibly '3D Wavy Hole' technology which has yet to be matched! Based on a cute young sister who's getting to that age where she's curious about sex (and dressed to match with a smutty tight fitting outfit), Innocent Younger Sister sucks you into her warm tight pussy and wraps around your shaft. The tunnel expands and shrinks, reacting to your motions in real time and can feel completely different depending on your motions. It's so real! Made from super soft material with high durability, Innocent Younger Sister is a beautiful addition to your male masturbator collection.

The Innocent Younger Sister from Toys Heart features
  • Genuine Japanese male masturbator that creates the experience of sex with a young girl
  • made by Toys Heart
  • made with Toys Heart's own Safe Skin material
  • single layer design
  • onahole weight about 400 Grams
  • onahole dimensions approx. 145x75mm

Product Type: Hentai Onahole, Virgin Type Onahole


2 Customer Reviews for Innocent Younger Sister

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by Kris March 9, 2017
Really nice

This product may look small but it isn't, the feelings no is really nice and the material feels really durable, it is easy to clean and would recommend this to anyone.

by Robert November 6, 2016

This girl is cute!

You might think, that this item could being too small, but it ain't like that. It feels like the real thing, although she ain't no virgin anymore. Some people might be disappointed, reading this, but I only can tell you this: she can make you come within just one minute with ease! If you don't use too much lube, the friction will be adequate. Cleaning is easy and it seems, that the material of which this girl is made of will last for a long while. I recommend talcum powder after cleaning and drying, so no pieces of fluff may adhere to it. Looking for a new girlfriend? Well: here it is!

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