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Extreme Glans Triple Shaker

by Tama Toys
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Available on otonaJP since: 2017 April 20
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 130 Grams
Product Dimensions: flexible


4 Customer Reviews for Extreme Glans Triple Shaker

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by Demetoriusu May 21, 2020
Decent toy for plenty of usage.

I don't know if it's because I've ordered it without the package, but the silicone was flat as a pancake when I received it which made it difficult to insert the micro-rotors and penis (recommend using lube to avoid Injury) It did NOT look perfect as it does in the images. It looked poorly made.
Furthermore, it is wise to not rely on the batteries that comes with it. The batteries is one of those "you get this one free" ordeals. They were not designed to be powerful enough for long usage and recommend buying a fresh pack before purchase.
The Batteries drain *very* fast after the first few hours and only good for a single use. It will still have power, but impossible to achieve Ejaculation If the toy barely gives Stimulation, only to leave temporary bristle marks and frustration.
I will admit: I didn't expect the toy to get the job done. With the right vibration, it can be achieved. You can get a good mileage out of it if it's well taken care of.

✔ Able to achieve Ejaculation
✔ comes with free batteries
✔ Various vibration options
✔ Silent Rotors
✘ Rotors and toy looks extremely fragile and can easily tangle if you misplace Twist ties
✘ Poorly made Silicone
✘ Difficult to insert Rotors
✘Difficult to insert Penis

by Michael February 7, 2018
Good toy but has it draw backs

The toy feels very good but can be hard to put on

Come with battery’s
Feel very good
Easily to clean

Can be hard to put on

by Chungus December 10, 2017
Difficult but fun

Takes some getting used to putting on, but I like how extremely tight it is and the rotor stuff has given me several handsfree orgasms

by Goshujin-sama May 31, 2017
Far too small!

I can barely fit my thumb in there, let alone the head of my dick. Ah the dangers of buying toys made for a Asian market, I guess...

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