• Sku: エクストリームグランスTRIPLEシェイカー
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Extreme Glans Triple Shaker

by Tama Toys

  • Maker: Tama Toys


Available on otonaJP since: 2017 April 20
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 130 Grams
Product Dimensions: flexible


3 Customer Reviews for Extreme Glans Triple Shaker

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by Michael February 7, 2018
Good toy but has it draw backs

The toy feels very good but can be hard to put on

Come with battery’s
Feel very good
Easily to clean

Can be hard to put on

by Chungus December 10, 2017
Difficult but fun

Takes some getting used to putting on, but I like how extremely tight it is and the rotor stuff has given me several handsfree orgasms

by Goshujin-sama May 31, 2017
Far too small!

I can barely fit my thumb in there, let alone the head of my dick. Ah the dangers of buying toys made for a Asian market, I guess...

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