Fuwafuwa Oppai Real

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C Cup Boobs by PPP
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Young Japanese Girl Breast Toy

The Fuwafuwa Oppai Real is a breast male masturbator by PPP. The material is super soft and tender, which makes kneading and feeling these tits a real pleasure. And the C-cup size of these perky boobs makes them perfect for lubing up and sliding your member in between for some sensual paizuri (tit-job) action. The breasts are filled with PPP's special gel filling which gives them an ultra-realistic feel. The nipples are also very fun to play with and feel realistic to the touch. PPP certainly know what they are doing when it comes to sex toys.

The Fuwafuwa Oppai Real Sex Toy Features:
  • High-Quality Breast Based Male Masturbator by PPP
  • Realistic Look & Realistic Feel
  • Gel Filling for a super realistic feeling
  • C-Cup Breasts
  • Weight: 1100 Grams
  • Dimensions: 150 x 250 x 65 mm

Product Type: Boobs


2 Customer Reviews for Fuwafuwa Oppai Real

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by Saij January 19, 2019
Great oppai's

The price of this toy was reasonable. With my toy one of its breast is a bit misshaped. Its a bit akward tot use, bit the feeling is great. Iets great for fondeling

by Grimm July 13, 2018
Small but fun

Pretty cheap for an oppai toy, so I was pleasently surprised by the quality. Can be a bit awkward to use if lain flat on a surface due to their smaller size, but function very well when held. Also make a fantastic pillow.

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