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G Project Condom

G Project Condom

by G Project
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1 Box of G Project Original Condoms contains 2 Condoms.

Maker: G Project
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User Reviews

16 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 4/2/2021

    nice bonus

    Seem to be fine and as an extra very welcome. Quality is good.

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  • | 4/17/2020

    Smells a bit fishy

    Maybe I am really sensitive, but mine smelled a bit fishy? But it was free, so always a plus.

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  • | 12/25/2019

    very nice option

    Are very comfortable and the sensation is very nice, well I have to say that I tried lots of different condoms of different sizes and forms and this ones are the most comfortables. Very nice option!

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  • | 11/5/2019

    The condoms are great but

    The condom tightens around the base of my dick tight; plus I had a little bit of trouble putting it on since i'm on the girthier side but, I got them for free some I can't complain that much.

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  • | 5/30/2019

    Ok for free, maybe not if your paying for it

    I got this item for free with my order so I was excited to try it. You basically get two ribbed condoms in a small box that don't take up much space. If your buying them remember that its a pack of two, not a high quantity product. If you like it and want more I suggest buying a decent quantity to justify shipping cost and the fact that you only get two condoms..

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  • | 4/14/2019

    Cheap and Gets the Job Done

    General Thoughts: It's cheap and great for when you wanna use a toy but you don't wanna clean your cum out of it. Will I use it with a partner... maybe not. The size of the condoms are one-size-fits-all and for my asian member that means its not the tightest. The end of the condom digs into the base of my cock as I can't unroll it all the way but it slips out when I thrust too hard. Material: Well... It's a condom. Its mildly oiled on the outside which makes penetration easier and it holds cum in... nothing really exciting. Price: Cheap... Really cheap. 2 for less than $2 really makes it one of the cheapest condoms you can get. Personal Opinion: I love using this for when I'm masturbating as it makes cleaning the toy easier. Its cheap so I don't feel as bad every time I use it and I can add it to cart without going over budget and I can easily avoid the judgmental stares I get from the girl at the grocery store.

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  • | 4/6/2019

    Well, its a condom

    Well, as I said, its a condom, its does what it needs to, the quality is very good as well as the feeligs it provides, Highly recommend it if you want a cheap and quality condom.

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  • | 11/2/2018

    Great value, good one.

    Got this one as a free bouns but it was good. I used it for my gf and I think it's good. fine condom

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  • | 10/1/2018

    Free Item, Does It Job

    2 condoms in a box. It is the right size and does what it intended to do. While it is not a thin as other condoms, it is better than most premium-tier condoms.

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  • | 6/18/2018

    Received as a free bonus, pretty good

    I received these as a free bonus in my order, the quality is actually pretty good. They come in a small box, so should not weigh much to post. Even at the paid price of 100 yen they are still decent value.

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  • | 2/22/2018

    2 good condoms and nice pricing

    A good feeling to them, a decent size and it gets the job done. A very good way to get what you need without spending too much money.

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  • | 2/14/2018

    Quality for 100 yen

    You get two quality condoms for only 100 yen. It can be tight if you have a larger member, but it works.

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  • | 10/1/2017

    Great price and a must buy!

    You never know when youll need condoms, these are great for onaholes, and amazing for your partners, honestly, the japanese make the best condoms, plus they are cheap. They are for regular people though, if you have a giant member, i suggest you buy a larger condom. All in all, i highly suggest you buy a few of these and just have them in stock for whatever emergency you might have.

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  • | 5/20/2017

    Best value

    I was skeptical at first, but these condoms are actually quite well made for the price you pay, there is barely any difference between these condoms and the higher-tier premium condoms. Would recommend if you are new.

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  • | 1/10/2017

    Easy way to get condoms

    2 condoms for 100 yen isn't bad at all. A good feeling to them and a decent size, but most of all it gets the job done.A very good way to get what you need without spending too much money.

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  • | 12/29/2016

    Condoms, if you need some, here they are.

    Honestly, not too much to say here. You're getting 2 condoms for 100 Yen, basically a dollar for those in the US. They're pretty standard, but a bit on the smaller side from my experience, you don't lose out too much on the sensation and I mean, it's a functioning condom. Whether you want these for your toys or your partner, they'll get the job done, but if you're going to use these for your partner, you may want to spend the few extra bucks for something nicer.

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