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Alice Superb Meiki 001 - Tsukasa Aoi Onahole

Based on JAV Star by NPG
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Product Type: Based on JAV Star, Meiki Onahole

Meiki male masturbator based on the AV Star Tsukasa Aoi

The 'dream collaboration' is here! You can tell, because it says so on the box. Yes indeed, Alice Superb Meiki 001 - Tsukasa Aoi Onahole is a stunning joint product from both NPG and Alice Japan. Based on the super hot adult video star Tsukasa Aoi, this onahole is a realistic recreation based on her famous vagina (it's been in more movies than Nicolas Cage). Feel every bump and twist of Tsukasa Aoi as you climax deep within her. Complete with an amazing design on the outside including her cute little butthole and soft creamy skin, this is everything you could ever want in a super real Japanese porn star experience. The package comes complete with a full 120 minute DVD featuring some of Tsukasa Aoi's best sex scenes.

The Alice Superb Meiki 001 - Tsukasa Aoi Onahole from NPG features
  • Male sex toy based on the japanese porn star Tsukasa Aoi
  • Collaboration between NPG and Alice Japan
  • highly realistic design
  • onahole weight about 570 Grams
  • onahole dimensions approx. 160x97mm
  • comes with a small sample lotion


5 Customer Reviews for Alice Superb Meiki 001 - Tsukasa Aoi Onahole

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by Panuwat December 26, 2019

Very good sender very good product

by Brandon August 11, 2018
Great Value

This was an instant must-have for me, being a fan of Tsukasa Aoi.
I was not disappointed, and this is by far my favourite hole.

Being my first meiki also, and after seeing great reviews on the brand, I can highly recommend these as well.

by SeedmonsterX July 6, 2018
A nice meiki

This meiki is a great one from NPG. The price is of reasonable standard (especially against the other meiki onaholes) and the textures feel great. That bonus dvd is also nice too (doesn't come in a case though).

by - March 24, 2018
comparable to Meiki 005 Chou Shuu U Onahole. with bonus media included

This meiki onahole should be considered as syoumei-level. I am not sure why it is a side product of NPG. The shape, sensation, usability, quality and value has met with my high personal standard as this meiki onahole rivals the Meiki 005 Chou Shuu U Onahole in comparison with its sensation closely resembles Meiki 005 Chou Shuu U Onahole. It is as close to the real thing as far as I have experienced from both meiki onaholes of Meiki 005 Chou Shuu U Onahole and Alice Superb Meiki 001 - Tsukasa Aoi Onahole.

by mowmow September 23, 2017
Tsukasa Sucks....Good

Another winner from NPG. This thing sucks like a vacuum. This one still audibly *pops* even if you don't squeeze all the air out, something that I've only seen with Tengas.

Durable, too. I've happened to...very easily be able to turn it inside out without ripping the entrance at all somehow... multiple times? At your own risk, though!!! Don't chance unnecessary damage a pretty lady like this one at it's fantastic quality for half the price of 005 or 006. Definitely easier to clean/dry compared to other dual layers, but likely because 001 Alice is actually quite smaller than others.

I still also think I'll never be a fan of NPG's bizzaro ass exterior designs, but this one does kinda stay put in an inflatable/daki.

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