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Gokujo Anal Classmate

by Tama Toys
Maker Tama Toys
Product Type 98
Weight 370 Grams
Dimensions 150x75mm
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User Reviews

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  • | 8/30/2022

    Fantastic Experience

    From the package design, I thought this would be an uninteresting texture, but I was quickly proven wrong. It's soft, fluffy and realistic feeling - almost like you're having actual sex. I ended up using mine 4 times in one day alone. I'd be careful of using a heater on this for extended periods of time. I've had issues in the past with a softer onahole being left on my Fleshlight warmer for a few hours, destroying its insides while other, sturdier onaholes have been completely fine. The drying is the hardest part because of all the folds, even my drying stick couldn't get all the moisture after being in the onahole for a few hours. You'll probably want to use a microfibre clotch/kitchen towel to get the remainder of the water out.

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