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Saliva of the Truth (Il Primo Bacio)

Lotion by Magic Eyes
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Product Type: Lotion

Blowjob inspired Saliva like lubricant

Lube up your favourite blowjob onahole with Magic Eyes specialized Saliva of the Truth (Il Primo Bacio) lubricant, and make your blowjob masturbator sessions as realistic as possible. Based on their fantastic Mouth Of Truth Onahole series, simply apply this sweet-tasting lubricant to your toy and let the saliva-like texture ease you in and enhance your pleasure.

The Saliva of The Truth (Il Primo Bacio) Lubricant Features:
  • High-Quality Lubricant / Lotion by Magic Eyes Japan
  • Saliva-like Texture
  • Works Especially Well With Blowjob Themed Sex Toys
  • Volume: 220ml


13 Customer Reviews for Saliva of the Truth (Il Primo Bacio)

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by OdaonFan June 4, 2020
Feels pretty damn good

I've only used this lube once so far with my Mouth of Truth OnaToy sleeve but I was reasonably happy with the stringy, wet effect. Combined it with another lubricant and got a really nice, foamy lather going. As it squeezed out of the toy over my shaft and balls it felt great, like getting an actual throat fuck from an escort.

by HUNTER JP February 18, 2020

when it comes to magic eyes I am always surprised, when I saw this flask of lotion I knew it was going to be worth it, it is very pleasant but honestly it only breaks the saliva but it looks less, but it is a very good experience, I I tried to leave it dripping out of the onahole mouth of the truth but only the lubricou which for me is great even so I would definitely buy it again, something very interesting with this theme of saliva, pee, breast milk among others.

by Jose July 1, 2019
Ok lube, nice control

The lube itself is an ok size but for a little more you can purchase a larger supply of lube. It is like saliva, smooth feeling, but does dry a little fast. The label is separate, not glued, so it will move around a bit. The best thing about this bottle is its top. The opening is small so you can easily guide the lube to where it needs to go and control the pour of it compared to the huge opening lube bottles, which is a nice change of pace for me. I would seriously consider buying again just for the ability to control the lube better.

by FriendlyPervert March 25, 2019
It's saliva

Interesting for mouth play, but ok for blowjob.

-Really look like saliva
-Taste like sweet jelly
-The dispenser nozzle (1-2 big drop are perfect for the bocca)

-Too viscous
-Dry a bit too fast
-Just viscous and slippy sweet water lack "something" to truly shine

by Borja Moisés March 13, 2019
Almost saliva

- Awesome texture, slimy and drool strings.
- Easy to wash, the lube is quickly completely washed away with some water.

by D August 11, 2018
Tastes sweet

The texture is quite similar to onatsuyu, which is nice. I bought this because I thought the sweet taste seemed interesting, I guess they had mouth play in mind? It does taste sweet but in a weird, artificial way so I ended up not using it for a mouth play. But it does look and feel like a saliva, in my opinion.

by anon December 26, 2017
Not a fan

Having mainly used onatsuyu before, besides the packaging nothing about this lube brings saliva to mind. The viscosity is about the same as onatsuyu, relatively thin but still much thicker than real saliva, and it dries quite quickly. I found myself using it just to get rid of it, not a good sign.

by Seno July 4, 2017
Sweet not too sticky

Taste sweet not sticky too much got it from the grab bag worth it but never use Onatsuyu though good for onahole too dry fast easy to wash out from onahole :D

by Vincent April 4, 2017
Great lube

Is a good lube, no the better, but a good lube, only use it for the mouth of verita hole, nothing special about this lube. I expected some kind of sticky lube, is not really a saliva lube like another lubs in the market. But is worth it for the price.

by A Guy February 13, 2017
Nothing special, but it works

Think Onatsuyu, but slightly thinner, stickier, and dries faster. Nothing particularly saliva-y. The container is a pain, the sleeve keeps sliding off and the flip top has a tiny little hole that lets the lube smear all over the top and make a mess.

by mexguy December 21, 2016
clean lotion, It feels like saliva

Buy this lubricant along with the toy, it is clean and consistent, also lasts a long time and facilitates cleaning.

by Alex October 29, 2016
You drool a little

Its a good lube, nice bottle easy tu use with one hand . Good feeling really viscous ( maybe too much) I find it a bit messy.
The price is a bit hight to me.
I dont' regret buying it but i probably will not buy it again.

by mexguy May 10, 2016
clean and exciting

I loved it actually looks like saliva, good consistency and viscosity

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