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Gokusai Uterus Duo

Double Hole Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Product Type: Double Hole Onahole

Uterus fetish male masturbator

Based on the super popular Gokusai Uterus - Little Red Riding Hood onahole, the masterminds at Magic Eyes have developed the ultimate successor, the Gokusai Uterus Duo onahole. It is taking the Uterus idea much much further with two holes to penetrate. What makes the Gokusai Uterus Duo onahole so special is that both holes feel very different, something that specially smaller onaholes mostly due not achieve. Made with Magic Eyes original UnREAL SKIN material, the Gokusai Uterus Duo feels very soft and smooth. On the inside we have a tight and ribbed tunnel on the one, and a curved tunnel with stimulating dots inside on the other. Both are hitting the tight Uterus spot in the middle, creating this amazing and unique feeling we know from the above mentioned original. There are few other male masturbators we have seen that are combining so many sensations and stimulation patterns in a medium sized onahole of only about 430 Grams. The Gokusai Uterus Duo onahole is a true must have that we simply can not recommend enough.

The Gokusai Uterus Duo onahole by Magic Eyes features
  • Double hole male sex toy
  • specially designed for those with a Uterus fetish
  • made with their original UnREAL SKIN material
  • onahole weight about 430 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 150x78mm
  • comes with a free pack of sample lube


3 Customer Reviews for Gokusai Uterus Duo

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by Ale March 16, 2020
pleasant but fragile

penetration should be done calmly if you want this toy to last for much longer, go easy so that the middle cap does not snore, but for the sensation it’s very worth buying use the rose lubricant to make the experience more pleasant still.

by Bun August 13, 2019
Feels good but has a fragile wall

There is a very thin wall in the middle of the tunnel that separates the two holes. However this 'wall' is very fragile and if it breaks the toy will become a 1-way tunnel instead of 2-way entry.

It feels good and is easy to clean. Just be careful not to thrust too deep or the thin wall will break.

by NAVIN March 10, 2019
Not worth the money or time

A very underwhelming sensation product.

Even if 2 uterus in one onahole design sound like bang for the buck but i recommend getting the Gokusai Uterus - Little Red Riding Hood which gave far superior sensation and so far one of my top enjoyable onahole.

The design of the onahole is not stimulating and the material is either too soft or the detail in the onahole is not enough to give a good sensation.

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