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Hatsujo GAL - Endless Fuck

by A-One
US$70.13 save US$25.08
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GAL Sex experience Masturbator
Maker A-OneProduct Type 256,310

This Hatsujo GAL - Endless Fuck Onahole by A-One gives you the perfect piece of eye candy for your fantasy sessions: a horny Japanese gal with her ass in the air ready for you to use her. Both of her amazing holes are worth exploring. Slide inside her cute pink pussy and feel her snug inner tunnel of swirling nubs, or penetrate her tiny asshole for a tighter squeeze and realistic anal sensations. The flat bottom design means this male masturbator is perfect for placing it down on any flat surface, like a desk or bed, so that you can pump away at her holes almost effortlessly. Her plump butt cheeks are large and soft making them just as enjoyable to play with as her plump pussy lips. This sexy gyaru is extremely horny and we guarantee you'll get tired before she does.

The Hatsujo GAL - Endless Fuck Onahole Features:

  • Gal Themed Male Masturbator by A-One
  • Small Hip Type Onahole
  • Two Penetrable Holes (Anal & Vaginal)
  • Flat Bottom Design For Ease of Use & Enjoyment
  • Comes With Complimentary Lubricant
  • Weight: 1800 Grams
  • Dimensions: 175 x 170 mm

User Reviews

2 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 1/14/2022

    Only if this was made by someone else....

    1st of all... The tunels ? AMAZING!!! both! ... Tight af. Yea, the anal on the back could have used a different position. but i thingthat wouldnt help. This hip should beat least a 3-4kg big hip cause the missing material above the anal tunel can make oyu penetrate her back very easily if you are not careful... Right after first use, the onahole tore on both sides where the legs tough the butt somewhere in the middle, horizontaly when you lay it on its flat surface... I have some TPE glue, i hope i can fix it and it wont tear anymore.. I just pray to god.... the material is OK for the tunel and the tunel texture/design is epic. Stimulation is spot on. another tear happened at the end ofthe tunels. No im not bragging that i might be a bit above average, but after first fe inserts i instantly connected the 2 tunnels... On thepicture it doesnt look like they hsould be connected, mine are... now. Idk if it was my doing or not tho. Pros tho, its easier to clean now, and doesnt take away from the feeling and suction cause of the material is pretty soft. So ican only say, overall.. 2 maybe 3/5, if it didnt tear so easily then would be 4/5. If it had 2-3 more kilos and the outside of the hip was made from sturdier material, then it would be GOD trier. Tunel design is 5/5 for sure. Only get this onahole if you are aware its not gonna last very long, and when its on sale.

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  • | 10/13/2020

    A good value with a few drawbacks

    First of all the aesthetic of this toy is amazing. It looks good, my favorite thing about it is the weight, it's moderately heavy and almost feels like she is pushing back when properly mounted. My main complaint is the anal. Mine came with a slight excess of material, almost like she had a hemorrhoid. Also the canal seem moderately shallow, I'm not particularly, well endowed, and I could see a kind of disconcerting bulge in her back. Only time will tell, but I feel like it might be pretty easy to rupture. It's a great price (I got it on sale). Overall I'm very satisfied with the exception of the anal

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