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Hoppa Perv Vagina (Black: Super Tight)

by Hot Powers
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Maker Hot Powers

This cool onahole comes with 30ml of free Ramune lube.

Available on otonaJP since: 2016 September 16
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 175 Grams
Product Dimensions:

User Reviews

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  • | 5/15/2017

    Would not recommend

    This was a real disappointment. When it arrived I was a little surprised at how small it was. It would definitely not cover my entire shaft but I thought "whatever". Then when I held it and moved it around a bit I realized right away that it could turn out to be regrettable purchase because the "plastic" is hard. Very hard. It would not really give any leeway when putting my finger inside the hole. But I was still going to do a valiant attempt to stick my penis inside that little thing. I attempted to penatrate it at full mast but I could not even get the head of my penis inside. When it says "Super Tight" it actually means impossibly tight as no matter how hard I pushed or how much lube I used I could not get in this thing. The material just does not respond at all. So after some very disappointing minutes of confirming that there was no way I would ever be able of using thing I decided to grab some scissors and attempt to make the impossible possible. After some cutting and attempts of using it. I ended up having cut all the way from the entrance to the bottom and just sort of wrapped it around my penis. Now when I mentioned earlier the material used in this thing was hard I wasn't kidding. It was painful just attempting to use it as I did in the end. The rips that line the inside of this were VERY uncomfortable. I was actually thankful that I was not able to penetrate it the normal way and had to cut it up because I could only image how painful it would have been to be able to penetrate the hole only to meet the pure torture hard rips on the inside. So TL:DR: To tight to even penetrate and material too hard. Would NOT recommend.

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  • | 11/28/2016

    So tight

    This onahole is very tight and hard, I buy it and I could not use it. I'm trying to enlarge the entrance a bit so I can use it but it's really very difficult, I think it can last a long time but you really can not use it if you're big.

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