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Lollipop Misty Nightmare Girl

by maccos Japan
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Gothic Loli male masturbator
Maker maccos Japan

A Gothic Loli Lover Dream is coming true. The Lollipop Misty Nightmare Girl onahole is a massive Torso. With a weight of 4500 Grams is this nearly a Doll, comparable to the popular Puni Ana SPDX onahole by EXE. On the inside we have a rib cage which makes the Lollipop Misty Nightmare Girl onahole very steady to hold. Enjoy her in various positions such as Missonary, Doggy Style or anything you can think of. Her curvy sexy body has two holes for you to enjoy, both are feeling completely different. The Vaginal hole treats you with length waves while the Anal hole is much tighter and has swarm warts and side waves all along the tunnel. For a torso of this size, the Lollipop Misty Nightmare Girl has beautiful large Breasts which are literally calling for you to enjoy them. Why not having a nice Tittyfuck (Paizuri) before going all wild on her? The options are endless and the sky is the limit. Made by maccos.

The Lollipop Misty Nightmare Girl onahole by maccos features

  • Huge Torso male sex toy
  • Big Tits for you to enjoy and play with
  • Sex Gothic Loli design
  • enjoy her in various positions
  • onahole weight about 4500 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 360x180x150mm
  • Bust 530mm / Waist 400mm / Hip 570mm
  • comes with a small pack of sample lube

User Reviews

3 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 4/30/2023

    Satisfactory Torso

    First time i bought a torso, normally i have been going with the normal sized onaholes, so this was a new experience. Didn't let me down, both holes are really satisfying. The size at first glance is a bit smaller that a i thought, but after a few uses, the really serves for its purpose, making it easier to manipulate. Make sure that you have something spaceful for cleaning afterwards.

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  • | 12/31/2020

    Great product price/quality

    This is the first scaled torso I got, and the only one I tried so far, but I am in no point disappointed (After one year of use!). I had a small version of an onahole (only a kind of fleshlight but a little bigger with 2 holes) before this one, and since I have this beauty, I never even thought of using the old one anymore. The boobs are great, but a bit small for my hands. It is scaled to the torso size, so no surprise here. I prefer this to gigantic disproportionate balloons. The waist is great to grip too but the butt is a little too small for my taste. I would have taken a little more butt cheek, but still it make the use easy since holes are free of any obstacles :p. As for those holes, the feeling is great on both of them. Just enough sensations, and pretty different in both. The front door is much more to my liking, but the back door is a little tighter. Weight and size are great, but I would finally go for something a little bigger and heavier. Still, bigger and heavier means harder to store and to clean, so it is a very good compromise for people that have less space and facilities. As for the cleaning, I often saw reviews that says torso are hard to clean due to their size. I found this one pretty easy to clean since both holes are connected. So you can make the water flow from one side to the other using your fingers and cleaner product to make sure all is clean (it is not easy to get to the complete end of the holes since they are deep enough). Anyone that have commodities to clean it up (a very deep sink or in the bathtub). Forget to try and clean this in a small kitchen sink, you will get water everywhere. Where it gets complicated is the drying part, as all torso style onaholes I think. I still haven't found the best way to get this thing dry, else than letting at the open to dry by itself (at least inside, since the outside I use a microfiber towel that makes a great job absorbing the humidity). I would recommend this baby to anyone. Great price and great quality. After one year, It only have small tears that start to appear on the body, and some small cracks at the holes openings. It's probably due to my poor cleaning method when I got, more than the use or age itself. 5 STARS for me!

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  • | 2/10/2020


    Its really valuabel the price. It looks and feels beautiful. I would buy it again

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