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Meiki 011 Takahashi Shoko

Based on JAV Star by NPG
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Product Type: Based on JAV Star, Double Layer Onahole, Meiki Onahole

realistic masturbator based on Japanese Pornstar Takahashi Shoko

For long NPG has been setting standards for sex toys for men and this Meiki 011 onahole is no exception to that. The Meiki Onahole series have been always at the top of everyones onahole wishlist. Entry 011 is based on the popular Japanese porn star Takahashi Shoko and features a realistic recreation of her private parts. With various different sensations on the inside such as bumps and ribs, is the experience you get this the Meiki 011 probably as close to the real thing as onaholes can be today. On the outside you have Shoko's signature which is a nice touch to it and the Meiki 011 comes in a nice and high quality package. NPG once again showed us how far male sex toys have made it and the sensation, quality and durability leaves surely no one disappointed.

The Meiki 011 Takahashi Shoko from NPG features
  • Genuine Japanese Onahole from Japanese adult toy brand NPG
  • Based on japanese porn star Takahashi Shoko
  • Weight about 640 Grams
  • Item dimensions approx. 200mm length
  • Comes with a free sample lotion


4 Customer Reviews for Meiki 011 Takahashi Shoko

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by Newbie January 27, 2019
Strongly recommended

This is my second sleeve after the purchase of Aoi NPG sleeve. So, a long process/releases inbetween there. They definitely improved the sticking of the sleeve skin and durability of the inside. I saw on many other sleeve reviews regarding the size issue and I think this one is for them as it is a few centimeters longer than most releases(cleaning sucks T_T). the lips on this one are extending further out, which I personally loved about. I also love the art on the box and poster that come along with the sleeve. Except the fact that my poster was folded and stuff and doesn't look new or good. It comes with a bigger lube, too. I really recommend this to people who are considering buying their first sleeve toy and those who dislikes sizes of available sleeves.

by Worrapon November 15, 2018
Nice but too long

yeah nice feeling relate Meiki 005 but its too long(20cm) if reduce length to 17 cm. I think its will better.

by Jay July 18, 2018
Quite different

I owned meiki 6 & 5 prior to getting this hole and one thing I noticed instantly when pulling it out of the box was the superior material compared to any previous meikis. It's very sturdy with very un-meiki-like, rather short hole on a huge masturbator. Using this thing is very different from the previous meikis. The stimulation is still on a very good level once you get the hang of it.

by - June 4, 2018
large and heavy while taking some time to get used to

Wow, what can i say. I thought this would be better than the Meiki 10 or equal to the previously legendary Meiki 05 and 06 in terms of performance. But it is above average or mediocre at best. It does come with a small bottle of lube provided and it is among the largest and heaviest onahole meiki i have ever owned. I will be keeping it for a long while to see how well it holds up through the long term in time. Who knows i might even change my opinion for the better about this meiki several months down the road.

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