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My junior can't be this tight

by A-One
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Product Weight (without the package): approx. 120 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 130mm length


5 Customer Reviews for My junior can't be this tight

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by Bonerinfield November 24, 2018
Really pleasurable

My first onahole ever.

I had really fun with it, since the tightness and the feeling is the one you would find in a more pricy onahole.

Some will say I started with a onehole way too much "hard" for first. They would be right.

by LewdLam September 4, 2018
Soft, small, super easy to clean!

Really floppy soft and comfortably clingy. Surprisingly good stimulation for a "low-cost" hole.

The end portion has a somewhat thin wall, as seen in the pictures, but with some care it shouldn't pose a problem. Longevity might be compromised with that thinness, but for the price you might as well get her again when time comes.

by Sonicman August 12, 2017
Felt good but didn't last long

This onahole feels great, especially for a "soft type" hole. However, it broke after using it for about half of a year. If you're willing to be more careful with it, this onahole is a great deal at this price.

by Kris January 7, 2017
Very surprising

This product is actually very good. It looks simple but the feeling of it is very nice. A good amount of lotion is needed for this though since it's very soft. Very easy to use and also to clean.

by Banana Kid September 6, 2016
Surprisingly good!!

I bought this at the same time as "Highly Invisible PxP Yoshimi". This one is half the price of PxP Yoshimi, but it feels just as good! There are differences, however. This onahole is a very soft, fleshy one, so you need to use plenty of lotion. Also, it doesn't look like a Chitsu; It looks more like a battohōru. I'm OK with that, however.

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