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My Senpai is a pretty uptight Girl

by Toys Heart
(appx. 35.64 )
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Available on otonaJP since: 2016 Dec 16
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 247 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 155x70x140mm


3 Customer Reviews for My Senpai is a pretty uptight Girl

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by Riva April 20, 2018
Has to be squeezed for more sensation

Special feature: Tight tube in the middle of the tunnel
1,5 ★ turn inside out
0,5 ★ special feature worn out
0,5 ★ some nubs and ribs
0,25 ★ lubricant included
2,75 ★ ★★★☆☆
My opinion:
The onahole comes with a phial of lubricant. I like it very much, but it dries out qickly. The onahole smells barely noticeable. The special feature of this onahole is a tight tube in the middle of the tunnel that adds pressure. The sensation was great until it tore after first use. Even then it added sensation as a nub in the tunnel until the third cleaning flushed the tube out. The tunnel has some structures, but it is wide. By squeezing the onahole during use the sensation increases. Without the tube the onahole is made of only one material. This means it can be turned inside out for very easy cleaning and drying, which decreases the maintenance time significantly.
My summary:
Pretty easy to clean after the tight tube fell out, has to be squeezed for more sensation.
My summing: ★★★☆☆

by Onahole User August 15, 2017
Ring falls of too quickly

The sensation is decent, especially in the front portion. The ring gimmick was okay, tight, but not too tight. It fell of after the second use though...

Would not recommend.

by Shu February 15, 2017
Decent Gimmick, but short lived and slightly pricey.

First use was quite intense with the ring in the center, but after 5 uses, in 3 days , the ring broke... T_T
I guess you could say that it was realistic in the sense that I made her loose ;X
Smell is present even after one month, but can be masked with baby powder or fragrance of choice. Not very loud and does not leak lube unless you squeeze it very hard to make a vacuum.
the front part of the hole feels way better than the end in my opinion, and for 2590 yen (sale) its okay, but I wont get it at the original price of 4100 yen.

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