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Nankou Fraction - Impregnable Serious Student

Onahole by maccos Japan
Maker maccos Japan
Simulation Vaginal
Fantasy Schoolgirl
Hole Design Closed Hole Type
Material Construction Double Layer
Usability Reusable
Material Firmness Regular
Number of Holes 1
Product Weight 600g / 1.32lbs
Length/Height 170mm / 6.69in
Width 80mm / 3.15in
Lotion included Yes
Release 2021
Product Type Onahole
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User Reviews

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  • | 11/23/2022

    Onacup in disguise

    This one was on my list for a while. The “I have to have it”-list. And then I somehow managed to get it in the summer grab bag. And let me tell you, I am honestly glad I got this in said grab bag. Because at the end of the day, the grab bag was a disappointment. But you’re not here to read a review about the grab bag, are you? Nope. You’re here for the Impregnable Serious Student. Here’s the thing: whenever I read doujins “impregnation” is one the tags a doujin must have. Also, it’s a natural, biological thing, to want to impregnate a member of the fairer sex. Procreation and all that. So I get down to business. Lube up the hole, get hard, get in. Shouldn’t be a problem. There isn’t a problem. Until I go all the way in, which is when I realize something. But we’ll get to that in a second. Normally, I don’t have any issues with double-layered onaholes. This time, though, it’s different. And now we’re at the point where I realized something. Didn’t take long, did it? This onahole is essentially an onacup in disguise. The hard exterior and soft interior? Definitely an onacup. And I just so happen to dislike onacups because of their hard exterior. Oh well, what can you do? Pull out and use a different onahole. And not buy this one. Quality of the item is good, though. As is the box art. But for the price? Again, stay away from this one.

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