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Dignity of Meiki (Upper)

Meiki Onahole "Dignity of Meiki (Upper)" by NPG

  • Maker: NPG
  • Sku: 名器の品格 上つき
Dignity of Meiki (Upper)

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Comes in a beautiful wooden box. Made in Japan.

Available on otonaJP since: 2015 September 22
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 672 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. length 170mm

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Think twice before purchase
Got this due to its popularity in Japanese sites, wasn't very satisfied upon use.

TLDR: Get this if you have extra money and don't mind buying an expensive hole with a few disappointments because it really isn't that worth

This hole comes in a wooden box, giving it a handcrafted look. A small bottle of lotion is included, quite nice if you ask me. As soon as you open the box, you can tell that the hole is really really oily. The size of the hole is quite big, when stroking the size gives you the illusion that you are doing it with a girl.

Material wise:
The material is very oily, has a strong smell and a little too soft. As soon as I opened the package I started washing it a few times with soap, but the smell would never come off and the material would start to get scraped off, small little dots of silicon sticking on my fingers. If there is one thing that's good about this kind of material, it's the stretchiness. The passage can be opened really wide, making is easy to wash the insides after you finish. Just spread the hole under the tap, and your liquids will flow out easily!

Hole feel:
Now let's talk about the passage. Of course, I've never had sex before so I cannot determine whether it is close to the real thing but trust me, this hole has near zero stimulation. Inserting into the hole feels really smooth and I like that because it feels like the entrance would suck your dick in, but after that it's more of a smooth passage with really tiny bumps that you can hardly feel. As soon as you get in there is a big bump at the top, probably the g spot, but tbh it's the only big bump in the passage, instead of stimulation it's more of a blockade in your path, doesn't really add to the stimulation. After that it's smooth till the end. Another big turn off for me is probably the thickness of the hole. The hole is quite thick at the upper part of the passage, but your fingers can easily touch your dick when stroking because the material below the passage is rather thin. Not very nice.

This hole is quite expensive, despite having quite a few flaws. To a few it may be worth, because it might feel very real. Still, I would recommend the Meiki 006 over this one because of the size (it's easier to keep because it's smaller, comes with a ziplock bag to store as well) and stimulation, not to mention the big bottle of lube included.
Review by Blanc / (Posted on 3/9/2018)
True to life
Hefty, soft, not tight and feels so REAL. I can say that because I'm married. I vote this because I like mature pussy, not a virgin one.

The softness are just right. It's a bit softer than the true pussy. Well, the true one can harden itself and warm, hahaha. The stimulating parts are like the real one.

I once have Risa Kasumi Meiki which is not produced anymore, which one's better? Risa Kasumi is nothing at all compared to this Dignity of Meiki. It comes with the box too! Hahaha. As you can see, the inner red part in the box is carton, not fabric.

I could say Dignity of Meiki is the champion here for the true taste of mature pussy.

In this store, OtonaJP, has the cheapest price on market for this Dignity of Meiki. It's EXPENSIVE toy to be honest, you can check it on another site. So, why wait? Just buy it, you'll not regret it. Hahaha.
Review by Odin / (Posted on 1/18/2017)

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